Friday, December 28, 2007

Recovering from the worst night ever!

Christmas Day around 4pm I began to feel sick. Christmas evening from the hours of 7:40 pm til about 11:50pm I could not get off of the bathroom floor in my in-laws house. I had the stomach virus. It was the worst night ever! I cannot ever remember feeling so awful. It lasted til the next day...and the past two days I have had the worst headache and body pains. Thankfully...the Lord seems to have healed me. Please pray it is completley gona and I can enjoy my time here!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Wow! I have sooo much to write about! First let me say that Ryan, Chloe, and I are here in Mississippi and we are just loving being home. Ryan killed 2 deer yesterday, so he is super excited....and just being at my parents house with them and my brothers/sisters neices and nephews is the best Christmas present ever! I am currently wearing my new cowboy boots that my parents gave me and my Cowboy Daddy picked out for me. When I told my Daddy that I wanted to wear them with my pink tights and black dress he looked as though it might be blasphemous to wear cowboy boots at the same time one is wearing pink tights and a dress! I said I would wear them out with my which she replied.."I will just explain that you are from L.A." Ooohh...and my parents got Ryan and I the most amazing massage machine! If you live in our can come try it out....but I might have to start charging. Oh...and last night my sister in law, Crystal, Ryan, and I sang on a kareokee (mispelled, I know) machine for 3 hours....everyone else went to bed after about or 6th song. I love my family!

Our nieces and nephews (6 under the age of 2) are precious. It has been so fun to have them around....however, I am not getting baby fever. I keep reminding our families that we are perfectly fine being the only siblings without kids and that I would be fine to be that way until we go to China when I am 30 to bring home Mei Ling. I have to stop talking about this...the thought of me having a kid makes me nausous...SERIOUSLY! But, I want my brothers/sisters to keep on having them. I am known as "Tatey." Ryan is known as "Unc Ryan" to one side and is called "Matt" on the other side. My brothers name is Matt....and so my nephew Maeson calls my brother and Ryan "Matt."

Before we left Hermosa Beach I finished up my 4 months assignment in first grade. I cried when I said goodbye. I mean....I adore and love those kids and although I will still be teaching at their school they won't be "mine" anymore. I also put my sewing machine to use...and I have some pics to post real soon! I first sewed some pockets. Then I sewed a pocket up accidently so we called it a "nocket" because it was "not a pocket." Then one of my favorite friends Brianne and I made some aprons. I actually gave it away as a gift. The stiching was a little horrible in places, but I felt so proud.

Well, I will write more soon and post pictures from our trip, etc. We are here until Jan I am super happy about that. But, I have to get off the computer and go love on my family some more.

Merry CHristmas!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Coming Soon!

New post coming very soon....much to tell you about my sewing skills, but right now I am a bit overwhelmed by having 20 parent conferences over a four day period...and 20 report cards that have over 40 standards that have to be assessed and graded to go over during this parent conferences....whhheeewww...I am ready for the weekend!

I will post when I can proccess my thoughts!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well, I finally finished! I have read the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series! And, contrary to what some may believe happens as a result of these books, I read them all without once thinking an evil thought or believeing in wizards. Man, these books were so super good! I highly recommend them. I also need to thank my children's lit professor for making me read the first one and my pal Daniel for encouraging me to read them all and for sharing in my excitement with each passing book. Talk about not being able to put books down. J.K. Rowling is one dynamic author! I am a bit sad that the books are more reading, no more adventures. I don't like the movies...they are scary! Anyway...I am super excited that I have finished reading 7 huge books!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I could not wait for yesterday, Black Friday. I wait all year for this day. Yeah I know it is crazy, but there is something about waiting in line while it is almost dark outside....running in the stores as the doors open....and grabbing all the many deals. It gives me a's so fun! I have done this with my mom for a long time, and with my sister in laws, Donna and Crystal, for a few years now. So...on Thursday night I set my alarm. 3:20am. JCPenny's opened at 4am, Wal-Mart at 5am, Target at 6am....and all other stores around 7am. Now, let me add that usually on Black Friday, I don't set an alarm. My mom comes in and wakes me up and tells me we have to leave in like 30 minutes. So, I just get dressed, get some coffee that my mom has made for me, and put my makeup on in the car (while it is still dark outside...impressive). This year, the alarm went off...and I hit snooze 3 times. I did not want to get up and had decided that I did not need anything from JC Penny's, so I would not be there at 4. But, I finally got up. I called Donna who was 2 hours ahead of me and already on her second store. It gave me a bit of motivation. I got dressed and headed to walmart....I pulled in the parking lot at 4:21 am. My heart began to race!!!! There was a line to get into the store all the way across the front, all the way down the side, and around the back by the tire and lube center. WOW, this was exciting. So, a little giddy, I walk quickly to get in line (I don't know why I walked quickly, it's not like it was moving). I made some friends in line and we laughed and giggled and talked the entire hour we stood outside of walmart. They could only let so many people in at a time once it hit 5am. My friends in line were there for a flat panel was in line for a sewing machine (more detail to come later). My chances of getting a sewing machine were pretty good. I knew the few hundred people in front of me were not all there for the $54 steal on the sewing machine. But, my friend was worried about her t.v. chances. Eventually we both got in and both got our goods. And that was the most fun part of my day. From there it went down hill. I decided that Black Friday without your family is a bummer. There were lots of things in the stores that I wanted, but I did not have the stamina to wait in line...I had no one to bond with...well, I am sure I could have found someone, but I was not in the mood to force some random line waiter to get to know me. I got a few things, but not nearly as many as I would have liked. I came home around 1:30pm. So, I went at it for almost 8 hours!

Now, back to this sewing machine. I have always wanted to sew. I love being crafty, and well sewing would just expand my gift giving possibilities (and, I need a hobby for qatar). I told Ryan I wanted to get this sewing machine as my Christmas present from him. He laughed and has very little confidence that I will be able to do this. I mean, I know I need lessons, but still it can't be that difficult. So, I got it, and I need some encouragement, because I was looking at the instructions for how to just get the thread in the thing....and I thought, well am I suppose to do this if they make threading the needle so difficult. (By the way, I did not tell Ryan that I was struggling).

This has been a lot of rambling, and well, I think I am gonna go back to the stores today. I have to find just the right semi-formal party dress for Ryan's company holiday party and I am running out of time.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, Ryan had to work...bless his heart...this is like the 14th day of 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. And....I did not want to go home to MS without him. So, I decided to spend my day decorating with what little Christmas decorations we have, and go get a subway turkey sandwich and eat it on the beach. These are pictures of my Thanksgiving Day! I have so much to be thankful for!

This is my Thanksgiving meal, table setting, and view. I seriously really enjoyed this meal!!

This TURKEY sandwich was sooooo good!

Although, I did not have family or friends, this little guy hung around me for my entire meal. He began to freak me out. I kept looking at him and saying, "No...No!" It did not help him to go away, but it did keep him from attacking for my food.
Pretty Soon, the one bird multiplied into like 50 and I ate my sandwich really fast!

Pictures of the waves crashing! I wish I could add sound to this!

Bird Foot Prints in the sand!

My footprints fading in the sand! is one little pup that I will forever be thankful for. Chloe Jane Biscuit Webb is just the most perfect dog for me and I love her soooo much!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nothing Special.....

I have nothing special to say...just decided to update. I am so ready for Thanksgiving break. This week was a 4 day week at school, but it was seriously one of the longest weeks ever. I am in need of a break. Ryan is even more in need of a break. For 2 weeks he has been working 12 hour shifts 7 days a I feel bad for complaining.

We don't know yet if we will get to go home to Mississippi or if we will be staying here. It all depends on Ryans work....but it sure would be nice to go home. Whether we are at home in Mississippi or here in California, I am getting prepared for Black Friday. Shopping the day after Thanksgiving is a tradition my mom and I have had for quite some time!!! The past few years my sister in laws, Donna and Crystal, have joined in on the tradition making it even more fun. I will sure miss them if I am manning the crowd all by myself this year.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What I was created for....

This past Sunday....Ryan and I arrived at church an hour early because neither of us knew the time was pretty funny. But that has nothing to do with what I am wanting to write about. During worship we sang a song....and the chorus consisted of these lines:
I cannot survive this ordinary life.
I was not created for an ordinary life.
That pretty much summed up what God has been speaking into my life over the past 4 years. As much as I would love to think of living in a nice big house, with nice furniture, cute clothes, nice neighborhood, nice car.....each time I think of it, I almost get sick. Not that there is anything wrong with having nice things and a nice comfortable life, but because over the past few years God has repeatedly told me that I have not been created to live an ordinary life, but an original and extraordinary life. Over and over He is telling me that this life that I am living is not about me. I have to do more...I have to serve more, love more, help more, befriend more. I have to get out of my comfort zones...give over my dreams of living in MS owning my own little boutique. I was created for something more. Recently I finished up the Beth Moore Daniel study, and something she said in that study will stick with me forever. She said, "You can live your entire life as saved as you can be, and yet miss your calling...miss God's purpose for you." Whoa...That's what I never want to do. When I start feeling too comfortable and content with my surroundings, life, relationships....I want to re-evaluate. I don't want to just be saved. I can't just be saved. There are passions burning so strongly within me that I like that song said cannot survive living an ordinary life!!!
There are two huge passions that burn deep within my is my passion to somehow serve God overseas in a place where people need to experience the love of Christ...where they have never had that opportunity. The second passion is a burning desire to work with, rescue, love, and adopt orphans...of every ethnicity and race. For three years, I have prayed and prayed about these passions. I honestly felt like God was going to send us to China through Exxon because that would allow me to combine both passions that I know are God given desires. Just recently Ryan and I found out where we will more than likely be in a year from now. I knew on this particular day Ryan would be talking with his boss and would find out where we would be. So, I called Ryan as soon as my students were dismissed and awaited to hear him say where we were heart was hoping it would be overseas next....(preferably China) but my mind was saying it would probably be a US assignment. Then he told me and I just laughed!!!! QATAR. I got off of the phone, pulled down my giant classroom map and found Qatar (in the middle east). I just giggled and giggled...."Really God, Qatar??" My mind was in the state of giddiness because His fingerprints are allllll over this. Growing up in the south and in the Bible belt, I learned a lot about witnessing and evangelizing...and then God moved me to Texas...and then to LA...where step by step He has been drawing me so near to Him. I have learned how different the world is outside of the south. I have learned that Christians are stereotyped majorly. I have learned that we are known for the things we hate and the kinds of people we hate (I know we don't really hate anyone...but they see it that way). These people need love, relationships, friendships different than any friendship they have ever experienced. And God has been teaching us this in amazing ways. And he is taking us to a place where evangelism is out of the question for the most part. But loving people, building friendships, and relationships is the only way we can really impact these people. Whoa!!!!! I cannot wait!
I just wanted to share these things that have been on my heart!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pictures from Doey Wayne's Wedding!!

Pictures From Jode's Wedding!!!

Just a few of the 123 I took...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mississippi Misconceptions Begin at an Early Age

This week my students were working on the letter "J" words. I was giving them simple words to spell that began with j. This is how the dialogue went a few minutes into this lesson....
Me: Oh...I have a good one. I want you to spell my daddy's name. His name is J (making j sound) i (making short i sound) m(making the mmm sound).
Student: Jim....your daddy's name is jim?
Me: Yep.
Student: Oh...Jim just like a gym. Mrs. Webb, Does your Daddy named Jim work out at the gym?
Another Student: NOOOOO! (It was a no,, stupid. I was expecting him to say no, he is a cowboy...or something) but the response was....NOOO! THEY DON'T HAVE GYMS IN MISSISSIPPI!!!!
Me: Roaring Laughter!!!!!!


We leave for Mississippi tomorrow at 4pm. Wooohooo! I look foward to breathing smoke and ash free air. I will soon post pics from Jode's wedding. Gotta go finish packing!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So, Ryan and I are doing well. He is getting burned out at work and is in need of a vacation. The best part Thursday we fly home. One of my very best friends, Jodi Hudson, is getting married and we are flying in for the wedding. So, we are thrilled and excited to be home for a short visit. I am also a bit stressed because I have so much to prepare for my sub while I will be gone for 2 days. Also, if any of you saw our bedroom you would be ashamed. There are clothes absolutely everywhere. It is insane....absolutely insane. But, I won't have time to get to it until this weekend. You know how things can be messy...and you can live with it for a little while...but then it completley overwhelms you and stresses you out...and you cannot stand to look at, and you just feel the world is caving in.....hahaha...all because there are clothes on the floor, well that's the point that I am at. And, instead of dealing with it and being up there right now, I am sitting down stairs where it is bearable and am ranting to you about how something needs to be done. Ahhhhhggghhh!!

Ryan and I had dinner with our friends, Cliff and Cathy tonight. They made crab legs for us...king crab legs. This was my first experience with crab legs.....and well, let me just be honest...they completley freaked me out. They were giant crab legs for one thing, and still had their claws..and hairs. I have never been one to be queasy about eating animals until tonight and I almost could not do it. It was good, only next time, I think I will be crab meat that is already peeled and ready for me.

Sorry for the random's 8:42 and my body is begging me to go to bed. Goodnight, precious people.



Friday, October 12, 2007

Farewell FiFi the FireFish

Today was a traumatic day for Room 5 (my first grade class). This morning I had a mother (parent volunteer) inform me that while we were in art, she cleaned out our fish's tank. I was so thankful because I would have had to have done it this afternoon, and was not super excited about it. You was my brilliant idea to have a class pet. So, we had a parent buy us a beautiful goldfish and tank, etc. We voted on names...and the girls wanted to call her FiFi....and the boys wanted to call him FireFish. So, I called it FiFi the Firefish. This afternoon, I went in my classroom...(4 minutes before needing to be outside to pick up my kids from lunch)...and I saw the most heartbreaking thing. FiFi the firefish was alive and breathing...but upside down. I called the teacher's lounge knowing others were in there for lunch and said, "Brianne, I need your fish is dying...but it is not dead is still breathing..and I need to save its life...what do I do?" I heard this response from Brianne (who is one of the most wonderful people ever)...."grab it by its tail, pull it around the bowl...get its heart going and open up his gills." I really was hoping not to touch it...but I did not want to deal with the death of our class pet so, I pushed it, pulled it...and kept saying..."C'mon Fifi...c'mon" She swam briefly, then floated on her side and breathed no more. I now have about 1 minute and 30 seconds before I have to get my kids...and our beloved pet is our bowl. I am thinking...."Hide the bowl...just hide it." I then saw Mr. O'Neil...a teacher from across the yard...and yell out, "Mr. O'Neil, Help...I really need you!!!" Being super concerned he ran in my hear me say super fast with tears in my eyes, "Our Fish...he is dead, he just died...I gotta get my kids...what do I do with our fish?" He told me to bury it in the dirt and that it could fertilize the soil. (Okay, so that was good and all...but I was now late getting my kids...Fifi the Firefish is still dead and floating in plain sight for 20 six year olds...and he was telling me to pick it up and bury it.) He must have seen the desperation in my eyes because he quickly offered to do it, picked up Fifi and buried her in some dirt. I called the counselor to see if she had anything to offer me (advice, etc) before informing my class that their pet was no longer alive.

I told the class....some accepted it better than I had. Others wanted to tell me about every animal they had ever had die. And one little girl informed me that her grandmother did not eat her vegetables and so they had to put her in the hospital and cut her leg into pieces (yeah, I know....random...and I had to work hard not to laugh on that one). I read a book about life and death to them....and then asked some of them was, "Who can tell me what the word death means?" A little girl so anxious to answer raised her hand and did the "pick me, pick me, I know...I know" squirm, so I let her answer. She said...."Death is when you can not hear." This time, I could not help but laugh. Anyway, after all of our discussions of death and telling our favorite memories of our beloved pet, we put together a class book in memory of Fifi the Firefish. It was definetly an insane afternoon. One I will never forget.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am so blessed!

God has blessed me beyond belief with amazing friends everywhere I go. My first day of class at the University of Houston Clear Lake I met one of my closest friends. It was sad to move away from her....wasn't sure when I'd see her again, but God had a treat for me. Kelli married Greg(also a friend of mine from UHCL) a few months ago...and Greg's parents moved 3 miles down the road from us....neat, huh? Well, they came to see us yesterday...and I had so much fun. It is just refreshing being with those whom you are so close to and know you so well. We had to take some beach shots....Ryan took the ones of Kel and I and some are quite candid. But, they are still sooo us. I love this girl...and Greg, too!

We were fixing our kept getting in our face.

We are still fixing the hair!!!! And Laughing!

We take the picture in faith...that the wind will not blow our hair too badly.

I have no clue what was happening here....but it sure was funny! are some of our significant others and us....

Ryan would not cooperate!!!

It was such a fun afternoon with Kelli and do I miss them! But, I thank God for some truly amazing friends!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


The SHE Community (Women of our church) recently had a Mad Hatter Tea Party/Dinner/Concert under the stars. These are just two of the amazing friends God has introduced me to since moving here. The dark haired girl is Yvette (native of southern California..and also egyptian...neat, huh), she is amazing. And the blonde is Cathy..the one God introduced me to on the fourth of July at the beach (Ryan found her husbands wedding band), also an amazing girl!!! Love them both so much...anyways...these are just some of our fun pics.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Sunday is the first official day of Fall in case you did not know. And, and a first grade teacher you have to really play it up. They think I am so excited because of the season change. We will begin doing all kinds of fall projects, worksheets with leaves and pumpkins,etc. We get to change the dial on our season chart from summer to fall.....and to be honest my excitement is all one big lie. Normally, my very favorite season is fall. Fall is my favorite for several reasons: The weather, the leaves, the change of my attire. It reminds me of being in high school and of cheering and football games. It takes me back to memories of hayrides on a cool nights. I even love the smell of fall. I think what I am use to smelling is the pesticide they put on cotton around this time...but it tells my body...ahhh, it's fall! Well, this's a different story. Let me explain. The weather is changing a bit (it even rained last night...and that is soooo rare) but not too much change, leaves changing colors...When discussing what happens in fall on Friday with my students, one informed me that leaves don't really change colors. Poor thing, he has never been outside of California...maybe even LA...and the leaves don't change colors...I mean Palm Trees??
Despite the fact that the weather has only dropped to like 68 degrees....people are wearing scarves for goodness sakes! There is no cheer leading....don't even know a high schooler to go to a football game(haha) and my cheerleading suits are in MS so I cannot even put them on to wear around the house (believe me, I would). And....I cannot smell cotton or cotton pesticide....I smell salt water. Which brings me to this point. If I cannot have the "REAL FALL" then I don't won't fall at all. I look around and see palm trees, sand, and a beautiful ocean. If I am at the beach, I want the weather to be beachy!!! So, I am going through a sad emotion....Summer don't leave.....fall don't come! ......I just woke up less than an hour ago....and have a lot to do today and tomorrow (around the house), but if that sun comes out...I am stopping everything, putting on my swimsuit (not a scarf) and heading to the beach to enjoy the last days of summer!

Y'all in Texas and in Mississippi......enjoy what Fall should feel like for me, And when you see the beautiful orange, yellow, and red leaves....think of the poor deprived children in Los Angeles who don't believe that leaves really can change color.

Friday, September 14, 2007

My First Full Week of First Grade!

Whhhhewwww....I am wiped out! I don't even know where to begin. First Grade is great! The school that I am working at along with the staff there are just absolutely amazing! They are so kind and so gracious...warm..and welcoming. Just an really is going well....very very time consuming since, I am new to all of their curriculum. I mean, I get home around 6ish...and I even bring home stuff to work on then. SO, it is demanding right now, but I am still thankful. My students are great....I love them....I really love them so much. Since January I have prayed for my class (not knowing who they would be).....and so I instantly fell in love. Ofcourse there are a couple that push my patience and I have had to use my mean voice a few times....but for the most part, I am amazingly blessed. They make me laugh so very much! My accent really seems to bother a couple of them. One keeps asking why I sound like I am from Texas....and another corrects me when I say a word that does not sound correct to her....putting a stop to that one! But....honestly, I am being blessed beyond measure. I sometimes doubt my ability to actually TEACH though. I mean, I am alot of fun...and do fun projects, etc.....but I am wondering if I actually have the gift of teaching ( I sure hope none of my kids parent's stumble upon this..haha).

Ryan is good...excited that college football is now on. In fact he is napping right now...but the football is on in the background.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to manage working every day, laundry, cooking, cleaning, Bible Study twice a week, running, california tan is fading fast!

Ummm.....this has been a rather random post....but....that's what my life is like. Now, I am about to spend an hour on school stuff...and then.....I am diving into the final Harry Potter that my friend Lynne let me borrow....wooohoo!

Monday, September 3, 2007


Don't let this picture fool you. Sure, the ocean is pretty...and in this picture the waves are nice and calm.....but today....the ocean was not a playful almost became a cemetary...atleast for me anyways.
It was HOT today...and for those reading this that are in Mississippi or Texas, I am ashamed to say that HOT means around 85 degrees. But anyways, it really was hot. Ryan and I went to the beach and I was looking foward to getting into the ocean to ride some waves. I usually don't look foward to getting into the Pacific ocean because it is always cold! But I was ready today.As we sat and watched we noticed that the waves were huge....bigger than usual.....but everyone out there seemed to be having a grand time. So, eventually we headed in. I immediately began to notice that the waves were extremely powerful (I should add that Ryan is a great swimmer....I am horrible)! Despite the fact that I am not a strong swimmer, I decided that I could follow Ryan and I'd be fine. About 3 giant waves knocked me over and under...and over and over...and I decided maybe this wasn't fun afterall. Then....I looked up....and I saw was coming and it was I go under and try to avoid i jump up and try to let it go somewhat under me, do I dive into it????? So, being the indecisive person I am, I stood there and did not do anything...and it threw me under and over and came my bottoms....down came my top. I knew I was dying, I just knew it...I could not come up...and I was in such a state of panic I could not figure out how to get my swimsuit back on! Somehow, I came up...and I can't really recall, but I think that I was dressed when the wave literally shot me onto shore. I come up...embarrassed and terrified to see Ryan way back in the ocean waving and telling me to "C'MON!!" I tried yelling to him that I almost just died and I could not take it anymore, I had to get out. He kept on playing....I don't think he heard me. When he did come in and I explained my near death experience, he could not believe I could not get my swimsuit on sooner. I said, "Sweetheart, I was drowning...what was I suppose to do?" Anyway....I am probably making this a little more dramatic than it was, but it was scary to me. And then I began to think.....where was the lifeguard? He was sitting in his lifeguard house while I was being tortured by a wave. But then as I thought some more, I was really glad no one came to my rescue....I mean being in the state that I was in (my swimsuit and all)...I am so thankful he did not try to pull me out of the water.
Note to self: are not a great swimmer....never get in the ocean when the waves are that big!!! And...get a better swim suit!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Seriously though, I am so thankful!!!!

Can you hear me sounds like this...."AAAAAGGGGHHHH!" The reason is because I am overwhelmed and wiped out! I am soooo excited to teach first grade...and I know that it is a true blessing, but boy is it tiring. And, the funniest part about that is.......the kids have not even come yet! Hahaha...I am laughing at myself. Everyday this week I have been at the school for about 7 hours a day setting up and preparing for the kids. And, it's wierd because I am not really setting up my it's just a different feeling. The lady I am subbing for is wonderful (I actually have not met her). She told me to feel free to do whatever and make it into my classroom. So, it has been overwhelming...but a little fun, too!
But, I need you to pray for me again. Because amidst all of the chaos of getting things ready and set up, and planned....I am getting a little anxious and nervous. I don't even know where everything is in this teacher's room yet. The team of first grade teachers is amazing...and so helpful, so God is really taking care of me. Just please pray that I will be able to manage the class and teach them so that they enjoy learning and truly succeed! Just talking about it has my stomach in knots. So, I am moving on to a new subject!

Oh...this is kind of along the same lines....but Ryan and I have never lived together while I have taught full time (When I did my internship, he lived in Virginia/California and I lived in Texas).So, it was easy for me to devote all my time to teaching. But now, I cannot for the life of me figure out how women do it all. I have yet to find out how to balance teaching, tutoring, planning, cleaning, laundry, cooking, ryan, running, walking chloe, bible study, and sleep. Any advice on how to survive in the "Real World" would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Praise, Praise, Praise Him! GOD HAS ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS! I have a job....well not a full time job....and not a job that will last a long time. But, God is sending me manna for sure. I accepted a long term substitute position for first grade. I will get paid $160 a day so that is nice. I will also only be working for a month and a half, but that is why I say God is sending manna. For the next month and a half (beginning SEPT 4) I know what I am suppose to do. And then, when that is up I will pray for more manna.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Parent's Visit to LA

My Mom, Dad, and Me on a cliff in Palos Verdes.

Us in the Pacific Ocean......more to come.

Back to Posting.....

Sorry I have not posted in a month. Honestly, there is not too terribly much to tell you. Well, I take that back...we have been busy. The end of July we went to Ryan's family's annual ENID LAKE camping trip. That was fun...however, my legs were eaten up by bugs!!! (I don't think we have bugs in California..haha) Also, we are some of the only ones without children at Enid. So, did being around all of the family and all of the babies make me ready?? HEAVENS, NO! I love our nieces and nephews so much.....but I am so glad that I am just the aunt!! I am still moving the amount of years I want to wait for kids up a year every year. Right now, I would like to wait 5 to 7 more years...haha!

My parents were here this past week. It was so much fun having them here. I sobbed yesterday when they left....for about 4 hours! I am such a baby. Ryan came home in the middle of one of my sobfests and he asked why in the world I was crying so badly. Well, every time I tried to get the words out it just made me cry harder and harder. Finally.....I told him that I feel so completely blessed to have such amazing parents. They love me sooo much. They served us so self-lessly the whole time that they were here. They did so many things for us. Another thing that was making me cry was that I know that being in Los Angeles for a week was hard, especially for my dad. But, he did it for me. Agghhh...I am about to cry again. Anyway, it was such a great week!

As for my job continues! However, I am less anxious than I have been. I am just going to get ready to be a substitute teacher again. Subbing is great, and I do enjoy it, but it would be nice to get a steady job. Ryan is sooo great and patient about this. I guess it is because I have never really had a job or an income so it is not any different than the past 3 years and 3 months of our marriage, But I am sure he would love for me to have a job!

Ryan is enjoying his job still, which is so great! I love that he likes to be at work. He is really good at what he does, too. His boss here in CA (he still has a boss in VA) called him in his office last week and gave him (and only him) a $500 gift card to best buy for the work that he has been doing. So, now he has to decide what he wants to do with the gift card. I would have already spent it if it were mine, but he is a saver!!!

Well, I am going to keep the updates coming....on a regular basis again. Maybe I will post pictures of ENID and of my parents visit soon.

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Post Coming SOON!

I just realized how long it has been since I have posted.....much has happened....and I cannot wait to write again about my life. But it is going to have to wait one more day.....I have to go to bed now!!!


Monday, July 9, 2007


Okay, so last week I along with about 5 other amazing ladies began our journey through the book of Daniel....with Beth Moore as our tour guide! It has been amazing and we have only done one week of homework. One of the things that I have learned or realized (that Beth said) is that unless we have out defenses up we become indoctrinated by the things in our world and by our culture. Well....for half of the study Beth encouraged us to live 6 weeks committing to a Daniel-Like Challenge. Daniel chose not to eat the food and wine from the kings table. Now I nor you are not bound to the Old Testament Laws like Daniel we had to think of something to give up. We decided to each give up something that we allow ourselves to overindulge in...something that is permissible to us but not necessarily beneficial to us. So, I have decided to give up all types of beauty, fashion, fitness, and celebrity fascinations and television shows that are just not beneficial to me. I did not realize how hard this was! I have only given these things up for 4 days and WHOA! I realized that I have been indoctrinated. I even long to log on to want to watch things that I should's crazy.

Anyway....this is going to be so super for me. It has already been so great just to see how easily I have let the culture around me (the not so beneficial things) seep into my daily life.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July in Hermosa Beach PART II !!!!!!!

Our fourth of July got even more exciting that I just had to share it with you. We ate our steaks and they were fantastic (thanks to my grill master husband). Then we were gonna head back to the beach for an evening of fireworks and dessert. We changed into warm clothes (cause it is cold on the beach at night) and I put on my "Modest is Hottest" shirt. I even told Ryan walking down to the beach that I felt really out of place with this shirt on...walking into a war zone of immodesty. we go down...its not dark yet...and we see ambulances and cop cars all down the strand...I wanted to go see what it was all about....and eventually Ryan agreed to go check it out. We discovered a very tragic scene. A guy (we assume a very drunk guy) jumped, fell, or was pushed off of the roof of a three story house. He landed on concrete and was severely injured....but still alive (apparently the guy's feet were moving). By the time we had arrived on the scene...cops were taking statements, taking photos of blood and evidence....but most of the blood had already been washed up...and the guy was on his way to the hospital. But....guess what...the evening gets even more exciting! Wait...that part I just told you was not exciting...eventful may be the better word....anyway.... As we are standing viewing the scene, I noticed a group of people (4 of them) digging in the sand...searching for something. Ryan and I left the scene...and then it hit me....I felt something saying "STACEY GO BACK AND HELP THEM." So, I told Ryan and we went back. A guy who had been married for a year had lost his wedding ring and they were excited to have more help to look for it. As we were digging one of the girls looked at me and said "Do you have on a modest is hottest shirt?" I looked up and said..."Yes"....and she was like "That is awesome." So, they asked if we were believers and we excitedly said yes and found out that they were also. So...we continued digging and found out this couple is moving right down the road and they have had a hard time getting connected with other young couples, etc. we talk, and we were all praying to ourselves that we'd find the ring...cause it was getting dark....lo and behold...Ryan finds the ring!!!!!!!!!! We all clapped and yelled with joy!

This was such a God thing....and here is the neatest thing. Had that guy not jumped/fallen..whatever off of the roof, we would have never seen these people, met them, and Ryan would not have found the wedding band. Now, I hate that this guy was so badly hurt...but I discovered that you know how we Christians say something good comes out of every situation....well this showed me that sometimes the good that comes out of it may have nothing to do with us. The guy that fell off of the roof...and the people close to him may wonder why that happened...what good could ever come out of it, etc. They will never know that because of that a wedding band was found and a friendship was made (sounds like minor good compared to what happened but we know it was God)!!!

But...anyway...what an eventful evening...more happened...fireworks were was fun...but pray for that guy!

Fourth of July in Hermosa Beach!

Happy Fourth of July!!!!! Ryan and I had a very relaxed fourth of July. We slept late, went and bought some steaks, then headed to the beach while they marinated. the beach that we live on is a pretty big beach. But it is never packed....its not a touristy beach so it nice and relaxing. we saw a completely new side of Hermosa Beach. As we walked about 3 miles down the strand (a concrete path along the beach....separating the sand from the mansions on the beach) we were weaving in and out of a very unique crowd. Of course, many of them were drinking...and most were scantily clad. There were occasionally kids with lemonade stands. We saw one kids sign that said...lemonade 4 Cents. I should have stopped there cause where I did stop it cost $2.00. I got ripped off by an 8 year old. But we walked through the crowded strand I told Ryan that in most cases when you are out in public you notice those people who are not normal....the ones that sometimes we see...and in our own self righteousness....shake our heads at their appearance or make some comment to our spouse or friend. Well in California we are really learning to overcome that....and especially today. It was the opposite...the normal looking people stood out. I caught my self turning to Ryan and saying..."Wow...they looked normal." was a fun walk. Then we settles down on the beach only to find ourselves somewhat near an inflatable arena with a sign that said "Margarita Wrestling." We did not stay to see what it was about, but Ryan and I were a little perplexed. We could not figure out if they were going to wrestle in Margaritas....(the pool filled with margaritas) or did you have to drink like a ton of margaritas and then get in and wrestle. A small part of me actually wanted to stick around just to see what would happen. Anyway, I could tell you more...but the steaks that Ryan marinated about 6 hours ago are now about ready to be grilled. So, I hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007


I was looking through a book the other day that I use to write in back in high school. I came across this entry about laughter and thought I'd post it....remember I wrote this in either 2001 or when I was 17 or it isn't the greatest.

I was once asked, in my opinion, what the most beautiful sound was. It was easy for me to answer, my reply, laughter! Oh, how I love to laugh! Let me tell you I laugh at everything and I laugh at nothing. Sometimes while praying to our Lord I find myself laughing. I can just feel him laughing, too. I cannot wait to talk to him one day and discuss the funny things that I have done when He was the only one that saw me. Do you ever wonder what that would sound like, I mean to hear our savior laugh. I wonder...while he was on Earth, did he ever trip and fall only to sit and laugh at himself. Did he and his disciples ever have something funny occur while they were together....things that made him laugh until tears ran down their cheeks? I cannot wait to hear it and I cannot wait to laugh with our Lord. I know that God is a holy God....he is a righteous God....but also he came down in the form of a human....and dwelled and walked among us....and I have to a little boy playing with his friends, and as a teenager....and even as an adult in midst of his ministry....there were times when this human, Jesus, just had to laugh. To hear him laugh....that will be a beautiful sound.

I still laugh with God.....and I do wonder what his laughter would sound like....I have a feeling some might think it a bit irreverent to think of such a Holy God having a sense of humor and laughing.....but I find it rather heart warming myself!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Newest Niece!!!!!

Welcome to this world baby Raney!!!!

Rebekah Raney Scott
Born Today June 27, 2007
8 lbs. 12 oz.
20 inches long

Kelly, Chad, and Big brother Wyatt welcomed this new addition into their family today. We cannot wait to meet our new niece the end of next month!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Random Facts....

I saw a friend do I am stealing his idea...

Random things that people may not have ever known about me (excluding my Mama and maybe a few others):

I had an imaginary friend named Pattie Mixie. Apparently I made my Mama set a place for her at the table and we even rode around for quite some time one night so I could find her grandmother's house and we could drop her off.

I was horribly afraid of bikers as a child...and sometimes when I see a motercycle, that anxious fear comes flooding back. I have recently discovered that I am also horribly afraid of homeless people...I have good reason based on a recent experience which I may get the nerve to tell later.

I use to obsessively talk on the phone as a teenager. But now...I am becoming like my Daddy...I hate to call people or even answer the phone and talk much of the time. I get really nervous talking on the phone to people that I am not super close to...I don't know why.

I think in like 4th grade I changed the spelling of my name to that I could make the "i" with a heart for the dot. Got tired of I changed it back to Stacey.

I was absolutely madly in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a child....and seriously thought that it was God's will that I marry him. hahaha

In the seventh grade I began obsessively looking at and picking my split ends....I still do this now and it drives Ryan crazy! But it is an addiction and I love it!

Speaking of addictions, I have never tried drugs...I have never been offered drugs...but it is a really good thing because I absolutely LOVE the gas that the dentist gives you. They say "Okay, we are turning the gas down now..." and I am like sucking it up trying to get the last bit in my system. SO, its a good thing I have never tried drugs as much as like that stuff.

This one is kinda embarassing, but I still sleep with a stuffed animal and a really soft tiny blanket! The stuffed animal even went on our honeymoon..haha.

I looove the smell of Vicks Vapor Rub!!!

I hate walking in wet grass!!!

My favorite kind of candy...I the big cheapo variety of cholocates you get for valentines....I love the surprises!!!!

My Daddy and I bond best over cheese, crackers, summer sausage, mustard (all together)....oh and chocolate! My Mama and I bond best during shopping adventures...haha.

...I was voted most likely to succeed in my senior class.....and I cannot for the life of me get a job...haha.

Oh...another really random are reading the words of the former Captain of the Cheerleading Squad...hahaha....and captain of the basketball team (but that one was not at all for my great basketball skills).

One last random fact about me....there was one time in my life (and I still would kinda like to do this) when I wanted to be the person who writes on know the "Great Deal" "Only 28,990"..."Great condition"...the ones in neon paint.....yeah...I'd really love to do that. But, I did not know what major to choose in college to be one of those people, so I just chose teaching.

I told you these were going to be verrryy random!!! Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chloe's Birthday Party!

Wow....the alignment of these pictures turned out to be chaos...sorry about that. These are pictures from Chloes third birthday party! What fun!!!!

She really enjoyed her cupcake! And....this morning she had a little tummy ache!!!