Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July in Hermosa Beach!

Happy Fourth of July!!!!! Ryan and I had a very relaxed fourth of July. We slept late, went and bought some steaks, then headed to the beach while they marinated. the beach that we live on is a pretty big beach. But it is never packed....its not a touristy beach so it nice and relaxing. we saw a completely new side of Hermosa Beach. As we walked about 3 miles down the strand (a concrete path along the beach....separating the sand from the mansions on the beach) we were weaving in and out of a very unique crowd. Of course, many of them were drinking...and most were scantily clad. There were occasionally kids with lemonade stands. We saw one kids sign that said...lemonade 4 Cents. I should have stopped there cause where I did stop it cost $2.00. I got ripped off by an 8 year old. But we walked through the crowded strand I told Ryan that in most cases when you are out in public you notice those people who are not normal....the ones that sometimes we see...and in our own self righteousness....shake our heads at their appearance or make some comment to our spouse or friend. Well in California we are really learning to overcome that....and especially today. It was the opposite...the normal looking people stood out. I caught my self turning to Ryan and saying..."Wow...they looked normal." was a fun walk. Then we settles down on the beach only to find ourselves somewhat near an inflatable arena with a sign that said "Margarita Wrestling." We did not stay to see what it was about, but Ryan and I were a little perplexed. We could not figure out if they were going to wrestle in Margaritas....(the pool filled with margaritas) or did you have to drink like a ton of margaritas and then get in and wrestle. A small part of me actually wanted to stick around just to see what would happen. Anyway, I could tell you more...but the steaks that Ryan marinated about 6 hours ago are now about ready to be grilled. So, I hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!!

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