Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From the mouth of 1st graders to thepages of my blog...

My students are currently making a Recipe for a perfect Mom. We were brainstorming ideas and I said "Patience." Of course the response is..."What is patience?" I explained what it is and then my extra grace required child says, "My mom doesn't need patience cause we don't be bad to her." I laughed hysterically because coming from this child's mouth it was comical ....she requires more patience than I have some days. However this led to the comment of another student saying, " My mom is not patient. Not when I am trying to use the bathroom." ....and then another student says, "My mom takes a whole hour just to use the bathroom." The conversation then turned to gas and one little girl says, " Mrs. Webb, Why don't teachers fart in the classroom?" All of this happened within 3 minutes and I realized how quickly 22 first graders can get off task and run with it. I laughed hysterically for about 30 seconds and then threatened the next one that said "Fart" with a trip to the office!!!

I don't know how we ever get anything done!

Monday, April 13, 2009

If at first you don't succeed....don't force it!!

Last week Ryan and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversery (a month early) in Jamaica. This was our first time in Jamaica...our second time at a Sandals Resort. We had an amazing time. But the most memorable of the week was an unexpected event. Before I begin the story let me start by saying we met an amazing couple, Sara and John, who were on their honeymoon. We met them on the plane ride there...and were BFF by the end of the week. They were such a blessing and so much fun. On Wednesday afternoon we joined Sara and John on an off the resort excursion. We went into the town of Ocho Rios. I was a little scared. It's just a really sad country. Lots of drugs, perversity, and agressive people. However, we wanted to experience the city and take back a few souvineirs. We bartered at the open air market went into a few Jamaican stores and then headed into the direction of a Hard Rock Cafe. The walk there was pretty scary. Sara and I were just ready to find a bathroom. ( I think 75% of my vacation was spent in a restroom :)). I needed to go and we both wanted to wash our hands and get clean. We find the gift shop for Hard Rock...and us girls immediately head for the restroom. The restroom was a public restroom shared by all of the surrounding stores. It was nicer than I expected...but still not super. There was a Jamaican lady who stood guard of both men and women's...probably keeping druggies out. We enter the restroom and begin to bathe in the sink. Then, I go into the stall to take care of my business. I stood up...adjusted my cute pink tank and gray cotten skirt and turn to face the toilet in order to flush. It had on of those small cylinder silver sticks sticking out of the side. So, I pushed it....and then said, "It won't flush." I pushed again...or maybe I be honest I blacked out here because the toilet exploded. Yep...It exploded!!!!! All I remember is high pressured water spraying me everywhere from head to toe. I Screamed and turned to try and open the door. The water was still spraying so hard....and everywhere that I could not get the door open...the lock was too slippery. Meanwhile I am still Screaming ....I yell for my new friend Sara....only to see her run by through the little crack in the stall. I finally get out and the bathroom attdendant, another local woman, and Sara are standing in the hall way in disbelief as I walk out. I am walking out soaked....with a look of disgust and shock on my face....but I felt I needed to explain. So I said, "The Toilet exploded!!!" Sara said "I know, it got on me too." Meanwhile, the toilet is still exploding and the water is pouring into the hallway at a fast pace. Sara and I just looked at each other and I kept asking, "What do I do??" She looked just as disturbed as I felt. I go into the mens room and scrub my arms and face with soap. Then we head into the gift shop to find our husbands. We see John first...and Sara starts crying and can't even get words out to explain what has happened she just keeps pointing to me and crying. Then, I began to explain that the toilet exploded and I start sobbing (unexpectedly)....people are staring now because I am soaked and we are both crying. Ryan came up and we explained to him. Later he told me that as he saw me he thought.."Did someone push her in a pool?" We buy a t-shirt and I go into an electrical room to change into a dry shirt. The ladies at the store kept bringing lots of paper towels to help me dry off. ....and the exploding toilet was still exploding and had now began to cover the parking lot with water.

......soon I began to laugh histerically at the event. I mean really, how many people have ever had a toilet explode on them?? The event completley bonded Sara and I. As I replay the memories in my mind I am overwhelmed with laughter.

We later decided that it had to have been clean water...with that much pressure behind it. But still, dirty or clean toilet water....the event goes in my most memorable for sure.

Below is a photo of us 4 in the cafe as we wait on our Taxi to pick us oh my. I will now have an unhealthy fear of flushing...and if you use the restroom after me and I haven't flushed...go easy on me...the wound is still fresh.

....and here we are with no tears,no toilet water, and no recent trauma.....