Monday, May 26, 2008


Ryan and I have had several big things happen within the first four years of marriage:

1. As soon as we got married I moved to Houston, Texas....and had to deal with being a homesick little girl at the same time as learning to be a wife...which meant getting over the fact being a bride and a wife were two totally different roles!!!

2. I finished my degree while being married...which led to many bitter feelings on my part because I did not want to feed my husband when I had homework to do!

3. Right before our 2 year anniversary, Ryan moved to Fairfax, VA with Exxon...while I stayed in Houston and finished my internship. So, we were married but states apart for 9 months.

4. We moved to Los Angeles where we knew no one....and built our life here.
Those were all pretty big moves for us....but each one has had amazing benefits for our marriage.

Things I have learned about my husband within these four years:
1. He has a huge giving spirit.
2. He should be on medication for OCD. (Don't worry, he does not read this!)
3. He is not quite as open to sharing details of our lives as I am...haha.
4. He has a food obsession...and it annoys him that I don't find pleasure in any other food than chocolate.
5. He is really funny (this I already knew), but if he starts cracking himself up.....he starts making jokes of everything....and the funny level varies at this point (to all but him).
6. He is one of the most honest men I have ever known.
7. His intelligence is so much bigger than I could ever think.
8. He LOVES grocery shopping....I hate it ....but he insists we do it together! I sometimes pitch a fit when I don't want to go.
.....and so much more.

Things I have learned about myself because of Ryan:
1. I am a tad bit irresponsible (Okay...a lot).
2. My forgetfulness/not being responsible annoys others.
3. I am a quitter. I really don't care to win or lose...but I give up very easily.
4. I have bad grammar.
5. I am messier than I think I am.

Things that I love about Ryan:
1. He is funny.
2. He takes such good care of me.
3. He is so responsible.
4. He loves the Lord.
5. I love to hear or see him laugh.

Things that annoy me about my dear sweet husband:
1. I hate our EXCEL spreadsheet budget...and his dedication to putting every dollar spent into the budget.
2. I am annoyed by his bodily functions at inappropriate times!
3. I am annoyed by him when he thinks he is funny.
4. I am annoyed by him when he won't take Chloe out.
5. I am annoyed by him when I am the one doing all the chores and he is watching tv, etc.
6. I am annoyed by his OCD.


Things I wish someone would have told or taught me before I got married:

1. I wish someone would have told me that there would be days when I would think that I must have misunderstood God when I thought He told me to marry this man. I wish someone would have told me that it's normal to have those "I'm stuck in this! What have I gotten myself into?" moments.
2. I wish someone would have told me and taught me how to fold fitted sheets (momma, i know you tried, so I guess I should say, I wish I had learned).
3. I wish someone would have shared with me a secret of how to get husbands to clean!
4. I wish someone would have told me and taught me how to hide money from my husband....haha..I know this is absolutely dishonest, but I mean really if he did not know that I had $3.85 to spend on starbucks, I would not have to put that $3.85 in the stupid budget.
5. I wish I had learned to brainwash or hypnotize people....or put him to sleep (for just a little while..haha).
6. I wish someone would have told me that just because I can't stand him for a couple days does not mean that I am a horrible person or married to the wrong person. It means I am an imperfect human trying to love another imperfect person.....and it doesn't always work out so well.
7. I wish someone would have told me how to turn off and deal with my bitterness when I think I've been wronged.
8. I wish I would have learned how to make stinking pancakes. I can never make them turn out pretty!!!!!


p.p.s ....NO JOKE...Ryan just asked me if I had updated the budget, and says I need to do that before tonight! Man, that is annoying!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008




Coming Soon: My insights and opinions of the first 4 years of marriage!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Taken Back in Time...and I got there just by breathing!

Today I was reminded of the amazing things our sense of smell can do. Ryan and I were shoe shopping for him...not for me (although I did browse through the women's section), and while walking the men's aisle of the sketchers outlet and seeing shoe after shoe I passed by a person and was suddenly back in high school with an old friend. It took only the second that it took the scent of this person to hit my brain and I raced backwards from 24 to 14 in no time. My mind was flooded with memories. It took me by surprise! I have not seen or talked to this person in years and all of the sudden I felt like we were close again. It was the weirdest thing. It made me think of how powerful this sense is. I remember being in Houston....maybe a year after being married and I was walking Chloe. A truck similar to my dad's was approaching made me smile to think of him. Then, I heard the purring/rumbling of the loud diesel engine, which made me think even more about my dad. As the all too familiar truck approached I began to smell the distinct odor that a diesel truck has, and when it passed by me...the memories were so real I just started to cry! I mean I get homesick and cry easily but had I just used my sense of sight and sound, I think I would have been okay...but the smell of the diesel knocked me back into my Daddy's arms and I lost it. The smell of freshly cut grass here in L.A. takes me back to Mississippi in heart beat. The smell of a skunk puts me back on Huckleberry Road. A certain deodorant takes me back to the girls locker room. A particular brand of lotion carries me back to the Bahamas. Some flowers' aromas take me back to a funeral parlor. I am not super sure if I love the way smell connects us to memories or not. I like that it triggers memories, but at the same's almost like I have no control...I have nothing to prepare me for the memory I am about to live through again. It takes me by complete surprise and sends me back in time. However, most of the time I come back to my present state feeling appreciation for the quick trip back in time.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

City of Angels

Last week I had a conversation with my Papaw and he asked, "Wormy (my nickname from him because I use to be soo tiny), you really like it out there don't you?" I replied with, "Yes Sir, I really do love it!" Then today at church, our site pastor, Goodie, spoke about our city and our purpose here etc. He mentioned that the majority of people not in LA have no idea why anyone could love it so much. So, I decided to write about my top 10 reasons that I love my city. Now, I realize I live in Hermosa Beach...but still Los Angeles County...and still considered the LA area.
So, here I are some reasons why I absolutely love this place!

1. The Diversity. I absolutely love the diversity of all the people here. From the kids in my classroom, to the people I see walking and driving down the street. It reminds me of "Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World"....I see red and yellow, black and white....and they truly are all precious in His sight!

2. The passion of the people. The majority of people I have met here are not originally from here. They have moved out here to pursue some type of passion. Which makes the people of LA usually very passionate. They may be pursuing a career, freedom, a new identity...whatever...but they bring their passion to this city...and boy is it fun to see passionate people.

3. Exercise is a way of life here. If I have to go somewhere that is 1/2 mile to a mile away...I usually choose to walk there. This is a place where people are always out walking, skate boarding, biking, least in the Beach City that we live in. There is constant peer pressure to be outside and be exercising....I just love walking to the bank, to the grocery store, to the drug store, and out to eat. With a place so beautiful...why would you sit in a car when you can be outside.

4. I love the beach!!!!! I love surfers, skateboarders, beach chairs, beach towels, the life guard stations, the life guard trucks. I love the strand (concrete walkway by the beach where everyone bikes, runs, walks, skates....). I love the pier. I love Volleyball, and more than playing it, I love watching volleyball. I love the laid back atmosphere and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore line. I love boogie boarding (when the water gets semi warm). I just love everything about hanging out at the beach with friends or alone!

5. I love the view on clear LA days. SO....we have a good bit of smog...and fog...but when it rolls out, or right after a rain, the view of this city is phenomenal. You see mountains near and far, you see the HOLLYWOOD sign from the Pacific Coast Highway by our Target. You see Catalina Island. You see beautiful sights that take your breath away.

6. I love the view of the mountains...especially when they are snowcapped. I mean...where else can you look to your left and see the Pacific Ocean lined with palm trees and look to your right and see monstrous snow capped mountains!!!

7. I love the weather. A handful of hot days, a handful of cool days....very few rainy days....and you get the most perfect weather! It is just amazing. I will confess that I have turned into a wimp because I've been so spoiled by Southern California weather. When it hits 90 I think I am dying of heat exaustion and below 70 I shiver in to my car and turn on my seat warmers!!!

8. I love being so close to the entertainment industry. I's awful...the things we watch and listen to these days. There aren't too many wholesome shows available, however I am star struck and in awe at least once a week when I meet someone who is just in the industry. I love seeing television and movie scenes and recognizing right where some scenes were filmed. I love that although I can't recognize a celebrity for the life of me, they are all around me.

9. I love the freeway! Yes, that's what I said...I actually love the freeway. Let me explain. 4 years ago I was a little uncomfortable driving in Jackson Mississippi and I would not leave my apartment in Houston Texas for fear of highways and freeways. God...has so graciously answered my prayers and not only made me comfortable driving on giant freeways but I actually find it fun! Now....I don't love the traffic on our freeways (although I do like looking at the cars around me)...but I love zooming down the freeway and thinking..."I am driving in Los Angeles California...and I'm actually OK...and having FUN!"

10. MOSAIC. I did not put these in any order...and if I had Mosaic would have gotten in slot number one or two. I love our church! I have never experienced anything like it in my life. I love the mission of our church, the heart of our pastor, the heart of all of the leaders and people involved. It has changed my life.

Sure, there are things I miss about Mississippi and even Houston, and of course there are some things about LA that I am not a super huge fan of....but overall I absolutely love this place. I am so thankful for the oppurtunity to live here. God has opened my eyes and taught me so much. I only hope to leave a mark in this it has forever left a mark on my life.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Use Your Head!

It is still amazing to me how two people so totally different can live in harmony (most days). A week or so ago my friend Jessica and I hopped in the vehicle and ran some errands. I knew we needed to get gas quickly or else we'd be walking. So, I thought about the nearest Exxon station(have to support them since they support us) in the direction that we were heading. As we pulled in I looked at the price per gallon and said, "$3.99 for!" I just pulled right on up to the fuel tank and began pumping. As I pumped I chuckled to myself as I replayed a radio dj's comments in my mind. He reported that some parts of the nation were about to experience gas prices over $4.00. He then added that anytime we hear "some parts of the nation"...that usually meant us in California." I thought man....he was right! So, I stood outside of the vehicle waiting on it to finish filling up while chatting with Jess. I then heard the click of the handle signaling the fueling had ceased. I returned the giant emission free nozzle into the holder, hopped in the vehicle and went about our day. Later that evening Jess, Ryan, and I were at our apartment when Ryan asked if I filled the jeep up with gas....actually this may be better in dialogue form so here is how the conversation went:
Ryan: Did you fill up the jeep today?
Me: Yep, and gas is $3.99!!
Ryan: (sounding alarmed and shocked and stopping everything to look at me) YOU PAYED $3.99 PER GALLON!
Me: Yep...that's how much it costs now in our part of the nation.
Ryan: Where did you go that is cost that much...because I just saw it for $3.78!
Me: I went to Exxon...the one right beside your work. But, the radio man said that it was going to cost that much here.
Ryan: Stacey, that is the most expensive gas station around! How much did it cost total?
Me: I don't know.
Ryan: (getting upset..but trying not to get too upset because Jessica is here) YOU DON'T KNOW! YOU DID NOT LOOK?
Me: Nope, Sorry...I never look. We had to fill it up regardless of what it was going to cost.
Ryan: (shaking his head...he looks at me and mouths the words...."USE YOUR HEAD!")
Me: A few moments later....just die out laughing at the thought of how different we are!

I would say that the biggest difference between Ryan and I is the way that we think. I think pretty much all with my heart! Ryan....all with his head. I mean, thank heavens we have one another or we'd be in a bigger a mess but I must admit there are some moments that I am in absolute awe that our personalities are so different. OH...AND I'VE BEEN NOTICING GAS PRICES ALOT...AND HE WAS RIGHT NO WHERE ELSE IS IT THAT EXPENSIVE!