Thursday, October 15, 2009


On Tuesday, I took my students to the Pumpkin Patch. We all picked pumpkins and I put them plastic grocery sacks and we brought them back to school. We sat them on the patio, so we did not trip over them all day in the classroom, but when we left school it was flooding and we had to run out of the classroom into the rain. So, I told the kids to leave the pumpkins there until tomorrow. I told them water was good for pumpkins anyway. As I walked out of my room to go home, I noticed one of the students also left her apple from lunch in the sack. So, the next morning, one of my little boys runs in the room and says, "Mrs. Webb one of the pumkins growed a baby!!!"....I said, "What??" And he replied, "ONE OF THE PUMPKINS GROWED A BABY LAST NIGHT!!" I just started laughing and said, "Come here Ayden...let me show you...the pumpkin did not actually grow a baby, Bailey just happened to leave her apple in the bag with her pumpkin, but you are soooo funny!!" He smiled sweetly, but did not find the moment as funny as I did!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Me...a football fan?

So, for Ryan's 30th birthday I bought him season tickets to Mississippi State's football games. Even though I was a cheerleader I have never gotten into football until now. I have loved going to the games with Ryan and have found myself becoming a football fan. There are a couple of things that I have discovered about myself though. I hate watching the guys drop the ball (I think that is called a fumble..haha), not because it makes me mad. I hate it because it makes my heart hurt. Literally, I feel such pain for those guys because thousands of people are yelling at them from the stands and I guarantee you they did not do it on purpose and feel bad enough about it already. I also hate when the fans leave when we are losing. I also hate to see anybody lose because I can only imagine how disapointed the losing team feels. I am not a competitor, I knew this already...I made more friends than points in every sport I ever played. But, despite the heartache I experience for the players who mess up, I am enjoying the atmosphere. It seems like we are driving back to Mississippi for games every weekend. So, I thought I'd share a little bit of that with you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Finding the Blessings...

I have often used the word "sweet" to describe God. I even made my small group do a whole weeks worth of study identifying the sweetness of God. I could not get over the reactions I had. I think some people thought I was crazy....they could not think of how God was sweet. Well, today I was reminded of just how sweet God is to me. As many of you know, I've been struggling to like living here. I love our house and neighborhood, but never venture out too much (cause there's not a whole lot to do). Well, my favorite store in the world (stay with me here) is a store called Dirt Cheap. They carry lots of Target and other fun stores things but really cheap, and sometimes slightly damaged. They have these in Mississippi....and wow, I just love them. My best purchases so far are Vera Wang and HOTEL bedding for cheap, gap khakis for 25 Cents and an anthropologie pillow for $2. Well, it just so happens that they just opened a brand new one about 15 minutes away from my home. I went today and bought some bedding (photos to come soon) for our guest room. As I arrived in the store, my heart was beating so excitedly that my legs and eyes could not keep up. I was driving home in bliss thinking of my purchase, and excited about the replenishing of my discretionary funds next month...when it hit me. I think God put that store there just for me. That was his way of brightening up my days here. He knew I needed something...and he gave me a store, not just any store...DIRT CHEAP, my favorite store!!

....what a great ending to a day....

Highlights of the past few weeks:

* Ryan and I have had a fun time going to all of Mississippi State's home football games. We are enjoying the time together (well, I am enjoying the time together, Ryan is probably enjoying the football).

*There is lice in my classroom (or on 2 heads in my classroom). I am not surprised! It's my number 2 fear in life and God is obviously trying to work on this one. I am constantly performing self lice examinations on myself though, pretty obnoxious.

*Chloe Jane Biscuit Webb is officially blind. The poor baby can't see and runs into stuff a lot! It breaks my heart!

*I got to cuddle with my niece Anna Jaymes last week. After she fell asleep with my mom and dad, Mama put her in the bed with me and I loved waking up and feeling her there. There were only two problems, 1. She woke up saying, "tee tee" and then I felt the soaking wet sheets. Then as we got up I saw problem number see, I tend to play with peoples hair in my sleep (not that I sleep with lots of people...haha. only my husband, and occasionally my mama or jenni, jodi, and donna). Apparently, I had played with the toddler's hair all night long, and all in one or two spots. Well, when sweet little Anna Jaymes was walking in front of me, I saw what looked like a resemblence of a birds nest in the back of her head. So....ummm, I tried to brush it and wet it...and it never went back to normal. So, I sent her down to Donna and Robbie's and blamed her bad hair on the rain outside! Now, I was actually all my fault. Sorry, Anna Jaymes...Aunt Stacey really did not mean to make you look like that.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's been a while.....

It is time for me to begin updating. I can't promise regular updates but I am going to try to be better. So much has happened in my life in the past few months that I can't tell you about it let me do it in the form of highlights.

So, we left California....and it was emotional for me. I sat on the airplane next to a guy around my age and began crying before ever taking off from Los Angeles. The poor guy felt awkward I know as he sat and listened to me cry. I dreaded take off, I did not want to have to watch the city of angels, the city that I had come to love so much, fade away from my sight and life. God, being the sweet and compassionate God that He is threw a blanket of clouds over the city early that morning....and I never saw once glimpse of anything but glorious clouds. After that emotional flight....things sped up in our lives. We looked for and found a house within 4 days. We fell head over heels in love with our realtor, "Miss Reba." We spent 30 days living in 2 hotels, both of our parents houses in Mississippi, and a cabin on Enid Lake. By the time our house closed we had both began work in Baton Rouge and were feeling very unsettled and ready to have a home. We moved in our house....and we love it. We have lots of things on the to do list ...and it just keeps getting longer. To be honest, when we moved I began to really pray for Ryan. I was worried that the adjustment might be hard for him, because he loved his job in Torrance so much. I thought that me, being as easy going as I am :) would have no problem adjusting to a new life. But, I was wrong. Ryan is doing great. I on the other hand have had a few break downs where I just cry. I miss California and almost every aspect of our lives there (with the exception of our last living situation). So, pray for me....please. This has been one of the hardest transitions yet.

I started work at my new school August 3rd. I really miss my old school. Everything is very different. One thing that is different is that I am now teaching kindergarten. I really enjoy my class. Here is one of the highlights of our move: I actually have 4 NON-ENGLISH speakers in my classroom. Zip, Zilch, Zero, Nada English. Although this isn't rare for Los Angeles, it is VERY rare for Central, Louisiana. I love them so much. These 4 children are the highlight of my days for multiple reasons. One is that they symbolize so much for me. You see, when we found at that we were coming to Baton Rouge and not going overseas I pitched a fit with God. I wanted to be in China working in an orphanage, and I did not want to go back to the south, where it's the opposite of diverse. The diversity in L.A. was one of my favorite things about the city. So....God sent me to Baton Rouge and brought the Chinese orphans and diversity to me. He's reminding me that He has a plan. So two of my children came form China less than a month or so ago. Two recently came from Mexico. One of the Chinese students is a little girl. Her parents sent her and her little sister to America with another Chinese family who opened up a resturant in our city. I see this little girl, as my orphaned China Baby....and I am madly in love with her and these 4 other children who are new to our country. Now, I also like my other 16 students..haha...but some of them are so bad that I want to cry. So, this is another reason these 4 EL's are blessing to my life.

Oh, and one of my kiddos has the Swine Flu.....yikes! So, in are some pics of our house.

Friday, May 1, 2009

...Just don'tknow what to do with my life...

.....Last night this was what I wrote in my prayer journal...and I really just wanted to share it.

Father it happened again. It was a feeling that I felt in every inch of my soul. It's a feeling that confuses me...but it's from you, I know.
She turned her head a little different than mine. Cerebral Palsey was the first thing that came to my mind. On her wrist was a tatoo that spoke of something so bold . The ink spelled"courage"...and her story it told. A beautiful picture of God's amazing grace. I can only imagine the trials she's gone though, but still she smiles and runs after you. This girl she wants to serve the needy, the hurt, and the broken. Wow her very words your love was spoken. But why God does it affect me in sich an intense way. I don't know what to do with these feelings, I don't know what to say. All I know is that I long to lover make her feel special, treasured, and adored. I want er to feel normal in a way that she's never felt before. So God, show me! What can I do? I want to somehow use this passion for you. It's your love they need, your affection they seek, but God is it possible to give it though me?? How Lord? When and Where? Show me the way, because it's really not fair.
It's not fair that I get to move my body with ease. It's not right that I don't get people staring curioiusly at me. Why her God? Why has she had to suffer? It's not just her God, there are so many others. I want to be a light...a Barnabus in the night. I want to be their friend. Just tell me you want to use me in the lives of the sick, the scared and the me how God...please allow doors to open.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From the mouth of 1st graders to thepages of my blog...

My students are currently making a Recipe for a perfect Mom. We were brainstorming ideas and I said "Patience." Of course the response is..."What is patience?" I explained what it is and then my extra grace required child says, "My mom doesn't need patience cause we don't be bad to her." I laughed hysterically because coming from this child's mouth it was comical ....she requires more patience than I have some days. However this led to the comment of another student saying, " My mom is not patient. Not when I am trying to use the bathroom." ....and then another student says, "My mom takes a whole hour just to use the bathroom." The conversation then turned to gas and one little girl says, " Mrs. Webb, Why don't teachers fart in the classroom?" All of this happened within 3 minutes and I realized how quickly 22 first graders can get off task and run with it. I laughed hysterically for about 30 seconds and then threatened the next one that said "Fart" with a trip to the office!!!

I don't know how we ever get anything done!

Monday, April 13, 2009

If at first you don't succeed....don't force it!!

Last week Ryan and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversery (a month early) in Jamaica. This was our first time in Jamaica...our second time at a Sandals Resort. We had an amazing time. But the most memorable of the week was an unexpected event. Before I begin the story let me start by saying we met an amazing couple, Sara and John, who were on their honeymoon. We met them on the plane ride there...and were BFF by the end of the week. They were such a blessing and so much fun. On Wednesday afternoon we joined Sara and John on an off the resort excursion. We went into the town of Ocho Rios. I was a little scared. It's just a really sad country. Lots of drugs, perversity, and agressive people. However, we wanted to experience the city and take back a few souvineirs. We bartered at the open air market went into a few Jamaican stores and then headed into the direction of a Hard Rock Cafe. The walk there was pretty scary. Sara and I were just ready to find a bathroom. ( I think 75% of my vacation was spent in a restroom :)). I needed to go and we both wanted to wash our hands and get clean. We find the gift shop for Hard Rock...and us girls immediately head for the restroom. The restroom was a public restroom shared by all of the surrounding stores. It was nicer than I expected...but still not super. There was a Jamaican lady who stood guard of both men and women's...probably keeping druggies out. We enter the restroom and begin to bathe in the sink. Then, I go into the stall to take care of my business. I stood up...adjusted my cute pink tank and gray cotten skirt and turn to face the toilet in order to flush. It had on of those small cylinder silver sticks sticking out of the side. So, I pushed it....and then said, "It won't flush." I pushed again...or maybe I be honest I blacked out here because the toilet exploded. Yep...It exploded!!!!! All I remember is high pressured water spraying me everywhere from head to toe. I Screamed and turned to try and open the door. The water was still spraying so hard....and everywhere that I could not get the door open...the lock was too slippery. Meanwhile I am still Screaming ....I yell for my new friend Sara....only to see her run by through the little crack in the stall. I finally get out and the bathroom attdendant, another local woman, and Sara are standing in the hall way in disbelief as I walk out. I am walking out soaked....with a look of disgust and shock on my face....but I felt I needed to explain. So I said, "The Toilet exploded!!!" Sara said "I know, it got on me too." Meanwhile, the toilet is still exploding and the water is pouring into the hallway at a fast pace. Sara and I just looked at each other and I kept asking, "What do I do??" She looked just as disturbed as I felt. I go into the mens room and scrub my arms and face with soap. Then we head into the gift shop to find our husbands. We see John first...and Sara starts crying and can't even get words out to explain what has happened she just keeps pointing to me and crying. Then, I began to explain that the toilet exploded and I start sobbing (unexpectedly)....people are staring now because I am soaked and we are both crying. Ryan came up and we explained to him. Later he told me that as he saw me he thought.."Did someone push her in a pool?" We buy a t-shirt and I go into an electrical room to change into a dry shirt. The ladies at the store kept bringing lots of paper towels to help me dry off. ....and the exploding toilet was still exploding and had now began to cover the parking lot with water.

......soon I began to laugh histerically at the event. I mean really, how many people have ever had a toilet explode on them?? The event completley bonded Sara and I. As I replay the memories in my mind I am overwhelmed with laughter.

We later decided that it had to have been clean water...with that much pressure behind it. But still, dirty or clean toilet water....the event goes in my most memorable for sure.

Below is a photo of us 4 in the cafe as we wait on our Taxi to pick us oh my. I will now have an unhealthy fear of flushing...and if you use the restroom after me and I haven't flushed...go easy on me...the wound is still fresh.

....and here we are with no tears,no toilet water, and no recent trauma.....

Monday, March 23, 2009


Yesterday one of my very best friends and I completed our very first half marathon. That means we ran 13.1 miles....and ran the whole thing, no walking. We also ran for an hour in a terrential down pour! It has only rained like 10 times in the 3 years we've been here...and it just happened to rain on the day of our race. Here are some pics from the race of Jess and I...but this blog is not about the run....but about the day before.

My hip had been hurting, due to months of training and running on pavement I am sure. I wanted so badly to be able to run the 13.1 miles without pain so I headed to Target and bought some Bengay. The day before the race I put bengay on my hip a couple of times though out the day, and it seemed to help ease the pain. So, after my evening bath I decided that since I was only like 9 hours away from the race I should lather up with some more bengay. So, lather up...did I ever? I put that stuff on as though it was body lotion or moisturizer. I rubbed that creme all over and used quite a bit. Confident that I would be pain free though the night and the next morning, I headed to bed. By the time I crawled in and pulled the covers up I was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. Then within like 30 seconds the entire lower half of my body was ON FIRE! I ran into the bathroom and tried scrubbing my legs with a wash cloth. I was still in pain. I tried soaking in cold water, stood in front of a fan, fanned myself, blew on my skin...I tried everything. All I could think was that this had to be 1st or 2nd degree burn. I had a quick moment of insight into my role as a believer. If this was anything (or a mild version) of what Hell was like...then I just absolutely had to warn others. After about 15 long minutes my burn seemed to ease....I crawled into bed and begin to was the strangest experience ever. I went from one extreme to the other.....and now all I can say is never again! I will not use Bengay as body lotion as long as I live and I have no idea what I was thinking. .Right now, after the race my knee is aching in pain in need of some relief...But from now on I say....."No Way Bengay!"

...Oh andthe photos....

We made shirts that said.."Running out of things to say???" It had all kinds of questions and topics for conversation for us and for the runners around us. I mean we were running for 2 1/2 hours! We did not run out of things to say.

Jess and I before the race. Before we got out of the parking garage...this is the last shot of us in dry clothes.

Mile 12 1/2....only half a mile to go!!!!!

Crossing the finish line...the clock time isn't our real time... we actually finished running in 2 h 33 min. (you have to subtract our 15 minute wait in line at the portapotty)

WE DID IT!!!!!! I am so blessed by her!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As I sat at the small round table with a boy and girl student today...trying to catch them up on work that they missed last week I was reminded that just as it seems females are born with a dramatic gene (proven by most of my girl students), males are born with a macho gene. Both students were working on the same thing. The little girl was finishing quicker than the boy and kept trying to help him. He had told her twice to stop that he could do it on his on....but then the third time she attemted to help him he put his pencil down looked across the table and said, "Look, I told you to stop. I am a man! I don't need help!" He then picked his pencil up looked down at his paper and began shaking his head back in forth in frustration. I looked at the little girl and we both just started giggling. ....and I thought, this is something neither of them will grow out of..EVER...she'll continue to try and control/help men for the rest of her life and he will continue in his stubborness, constantly refusing the help (especially of a woman) from here on out. So, I decided not to try to tackle this life lesson and change their behavior, instead I just let them keep on living as it came most natural...and I kept on giggling.

Sunday, February 15, 2009



This Valentines day I woke Ryan up with a Valentines breakfast which included heart shaped pink and chocolate chip pancakes, pink milk, heart shaped toast, and fruit....he had to work that day so I fed him and off to work he went. Here are some pics of the breakfast.

The rest of my day was filled with feelings of love that were so strong, I nearly burst into tears in the dish rag aisle of Target. Usually on Valentines Day our thoughts turn to how much we love our spouse, our family, our friends, maybe even our pets. This day, mine surprised me by turning to something so different. Now, Don't get me wrong. I am more in love with my husband than I have ever been, I am in awe by the love I have for my family, I have been given more friends than I deserve, and I am madly in love with Chloe Jane Biscuit Webb. Yesterday, I was driving to Target when I was scanning through radio stations when I overheard a song saying something about the 405. So, I pressed the scan button in anticipation of what I would hear next. The 405 is one of our giant Freeways here in infamous for horrible traffic. The song I think was titled "She's so California." All thoughout the song it made references to L.A. and California and about how much this girl loved it. It was funny because in my CD player I had "Mississippi Girl" by Faith Hill. I still consider myself a Mississippi girl, but who would have known that I'd fall so in love with Los Angeles, California. After listening to the song, I began to think about how we might be leaving California in only 5 short months. I kid you heart began to ache...tears welled up in my eyes and I started asking myself what it was about California that I'll miss. The night before this incident I was chatting on Facebook with a friend from Mississippi when I said that I was sad to leave CA. She responded with "Yeah, I would not want to leave the beach, either." I wanted to tell don't understand it's not the beach, it's nothing physical at all. But, I could not put it into words. Now, it's valentines day and I am in deep thought as I pull into the Target parking lot. "Get a grip Stace" I told myself. I knew a little retail therapy would do me some good. I grab my buggy (people in LA do not call them buggy's by the way), and begin weaving through the aisles marking off items from my list, and getting a few too many things that wern't on the list. I had made it to the homegoods (towels, sheets, dish towels) section of the store....all this time as I grabbed product after product and put it in the cart my mind was still preoccupied, trying to wrap a logical explanation around the emotions in my soul. I began to get teary eyed again and decided I had to leave soon. I came home and have been dying to put all of these emotions into words. ...So, here I am...trying....

I think the best way I know how to address my absolute love for this city is by first telling you some of the sterotypes I had formed in my mind about the citybefore ever coming here. Who knows, maybe you've thought some of the samethings.

1. Los Angeles is full of fruitcakes. No joke...I thought this. Maybe I should define "fruitcakes".

Fruitcakes: Flaky, Free, Liberal people, treehuggers, shallow, wierd

2. Los Angeles is place where I would feel pressured to be fashionable, look a certian way, be a certian "model type."

3. Los Angeles would be a place full of non believers and the believers would be few and far between. When I saw non believers, I actually felt it would be full of wicked people doing wicked things all the time.

4. I thought Los Angeles would be a fun place to live for a little while, but never expected to love it as I do.

Now, I want to address each of these thoughts reveal the truth, and the ways that my life has forever been changed by the city of Angels.

Misconception number 1: L.A. is full of fruitcakes.

Boy was I wrong. The truth was I had never experienced diversity prior to moving to LA. I was use to a life where most people, esepcially those who I was ever around were just like me. Sure there were different races in the south....but even that seemed to be limited to 3 or 4 skin colors. As I sat in the turn lane yesterday awaiting my turn to go I looked at the people in each car that passed me. Within 8 cars that passed not one of the people occupying those vehicles looked anything like me! Most of the people I chose as friends in the south were similiar to myself in so many ways, similar backgrounds, similar skin color, usually a similar hair style, similar walks of life, similar faith, similar style of clothing, similiar beliefs and values, similar thoughts on life, and sometimes similar dreams. I am ashamed to say that anyone who did not share any of those common bonds with my I viewed as different and by saing different I mean "wierd." Once again, as I type away on my laptop and face the truth of this issue I am brought to tears. You see living in this city has taught me so much about myself and my closed minded view. I have learned the beauty in diversity. I have learned to appreciate and value those who have nothing in common with me because they possess something that I can learn from. This city is full of people from various walks of life, various backgrounds, various ethnicity and race, people with various dreams, various styles....and when you put all of these different people together you get the most beautiful picture. People here embrace EVERYONE. No one is considered "different or wierd"....I mean goodness, none of us are the same...each one of us is the wierd one! When I think of using the term fruit cake.....I laugh's a little ironic. I know fruitcake doesn't have the best flavor, but the concept of so many different things mixed together in one sweet treat.....that's what this city is like. So many different people...all combined to make a masterpiece. Thank You Los Angeles for teaching me to embrace other's differences,thank you for revealing the beauty of diversity.

Misconception number 2...that I would feel pressured to be someone, look someone, etc. YIKES! I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE MISLED. Maybe if I were in the entertainment industry this would be true.....but believe it or not, not everyone that lives in Los Angeles county is a movie star. I have never felt more free to be who be exactly who God created me to be. The funny thing is that when Ryan and I go soon as we get into the Houston or the Jackson airport I notice that all the girls my age look alike. Everyone either has the same style shoes on, the same type of T-Shirt, the same brand of bag, the same jewelry, and most of the time lots of make-up. Where as here, I never ever see two people dressed alike, everything goes. It's like create your own style...and whatever you want goes....and no one even looks at anyone thinking...what does she have on...NO PRESSURE! I was shocked when I got here by how little make-up girls wear. I have come to believe that the cosmetic industry makes the majority of it's money in southern states...and I would LOVE for someone to do real research on it, because I am positive of it's outcome. I am not meaning to talk bad about southern states...I mean I love the south....but my thinking was purely wrong that LA would put more pressure on appearance the the south. Thank You Los Angeles, for helping me to realize that the value of a person truly doesn't have anything to do with appearance. Thank you for freeing me from trying to fit in...thank you for encouraging me to stand out rather than blend in.

Misconception number 4: L.A. is a wicked place full of wicked people. Before I actually address this I am just reminded of the Musical that I saw here in LA "WICKED", it was good. If you have a chance to see it...GO...whatever the cost...go, it is worth it. You'll never view The Wizard of Oz the same again. Now....Focus, Stacey, Focus! I first have to say that you know, there are lots of misled people living in this city. There really are people who are involved in wicked things, there are people who believe false truths, have false securites, false hope, and are lost as can be. This is true In Los Angeles, California and it is true in Madison, Mississippi. So,if this is true...what has changed in my opinion? My reaction and feelings towards these people. Prior to moving here I would think that I needed to cram the blood of Christ down their thoat. I would feel the need to evangelize, to let them know what the consequences of those kinds of actions are. Now, I know that in all of their wicked /poor choices there is a reason behind it....and there is a person with amazing potential, and before they are going to accept the love of Jesus, before they are going to welcome Him into their life and change their ways, something else has to happen. They need to feel loved, they long to feel known, they want to be cared for just like me. ...and by getting to know these people, becoming their friend not their personal missionary, learning who they are, loving that person despite their actions, by welcoming them into your life...they will open up. Once these people trust you and your love for them....trusting Jesus and His love for them will come much easier. My pastor, Erwin McManus once said, "You have to earn the right to speak into someone's life." He said that just because we are right and they are wrong gives us no right to force that on them. God uses evangelism still today. But many many people will be more impacted when we don't make them our "project" but our friend. Thank you Los Angeles, for allowing God to use you to teach me what love is. For showing me that although people desperately need desperatly need ME to love them as you do.

And....last but not least...misconception number 4: LA would be "just a fun place to live." The truth is...God used this city to change my life. He took my sheltered, close minded heart and brain and opened it up. Two and a half years after living here and a lifetime of impacts. I'll miss the beach, but it's not the reason for the tears, I'll miss the sunsets, I'll miss the free ways, I'll miss my church more than I can bear, I'll miss the strand, the sun, the weather....but the heartache doesn't stem from any of's all these dad gum Fruitcakes that live here and teach me on a daily basis. It is because of them that has my heart is longing to stay. Some of them I know well, others I just observe and they still teach me. So, I recommend that anyone move to Los Angeles....wait til we have this crazy budget crisis figured out, well, nevermind...don't wait...just come anyways I don't think that it will ever be worked out. Come....but know...your life will never be the same....and while your hear, don't pass up the fruitcake! Thank you God for using a city such as this to forever change me. Los Angeles, California...the truth is...I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU!

Friday, February 13, 2009

First Grade Funnies

This week I had one of the funniest interactions with my students. I just had to share...

Let me set up the background of this conversation. I was asking the kids to tell me everything that they know about Abraham Lincoln, and I was writing them all down on my jumbo chart paper. I was getting responses like, "He was a president." "He was tall." "He was shot."...and then this happened....

Me.. "Who can tell me smoething else about Abraham Lincoln?”
Bronson.. "He Knew God.”
Me.. "Wow...Yes, he did know God..that’s very good Bronson.”
Justin to Bronson..”Everybody knows God.”
Bronson to Justin and the whole class..”No..Not everyobody knows God. And if you don’t know God you go to Hell.”
Justin to Bronson.."Now, why did you have to say that?”
…..meanwhile I am just letting the conversation play out….because hey, let the kid plant some seeds and the teacher I sure can't say that.
Bronson says.."No this is true. I read it in the Bible. And I know that Abraham Lincoln had a wife named Sarah and they could not have a child and so God presented them with a child"
...I personally didn't know a ton about Abe as Bronson was saying this I was this as true, but the more he talked I knew he was probably telling the story of another Abraham...
So, I ask " Bronson, do you remeber his son's name?"
Bronson: "No....I forgot....wait no, I remeber, It was Issac...they named him Issac."
It was at this point that I am sure we are talking about 2 different Abrahams. So I jump in the conversation explain
: "Oh Bronson...You are right. There was a man named Abraham who knew God and he married Sarah, and God presented them with a son named Issac. But, that man never became our president. He was a different Abraham. But You know what, I think they both knew God!

It was as Bronson's faith had been shaken. He couldn't bend his little mind around how that Abraham was not Abraham Lincoln...and all this time he had it all figured out.

They crack me up...whether or not I like teaching them right now...I certianly like conversing with them.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Lately, I have been questioning whether or not I am called to be a teacher. Up until two weeks ago I thought I had the best job ever. I also thought I was doing exactly what I was made to do (most of the days). However, the deep questions started about 3 weeks ago. Now, a lot has been happening in the past 3 weeks in my world. I have had both strep throat and the flu. I have had to review the retention guidelines and decide whose parents I need to break the news to. My husband has been working a horribly demanding schedule and I have seen him very little....and for some reason for the past 3 weeks my students have been unable to get along resulting in tears daily, tattling hourly, and continuosly listening to 1st grade drama. So, are these questions just a direct result of exhaustion, illness, and all of the things mentioned above....or is it more? Was I created to do something else? ...Yes, I believe that we are created with specific gifts, talents, and strengths. I believe that there is something that God created me to do that only I can do....the question I am asking myself is, is this this what God longs for me to do?

You see, when I was in high school I learned about something called a "Child Life Specialist." From the time I heard about this I wanted to do it. According to Wikipedia, "Child life specialists are pediatric health care professionals who work with patients, their family and others involved in the child’s care in order to help them manage stress and understand medical and various procedures."The objectives of such services will be to minimize the negative impact of situational disruptions while maintaining individual growth and development and family relationships."
Now, for a paraphrased version of that....a child life specialist is there to be an encourager. This is the person that helps the patient relax, understand what is happening....but you are there best friend. You are there to be a light in a horrible experience, to the patient and to the family.
I was going to major in this but was told it's hard to get a job in this field, especially in MS where there aren't any major Children's Hospitals. I knew I wanted to do something with children...and that I was drawn to the sick or I chose special education. After 1 semester of my jr. year special education classes I knew that special education wasn't going to fit that longing in my soul. So, I chose early childhood education. My senior year I came so close to changing my major to Child Life, but did not do it. Since moving away from MS, we have lived in cities with major children's hospitals....making my heart ache a little that I didn't choose Child Life.
Last year after teaching 1/2 a year in third grade I fasted and prayed asking which I should be. God specifically told me, "Stacey, stop trying to collect tomorrow's manna." is nearly one year later and I am asking Him again.
I know that right now I am called to be the best possible teacher that I can be. But, my heart cries out for something else. Logically I am thinking, already have a degree and credential to teach, you get summers off, you have a great schedule, you love just need to stick with this. It is so much more convienent to just be a teacher. I am reminded though of a quote from Beth Moore, that says.."Convience doesn't build character." I also I choose a job that I like or a job that I was created to do?
Basically, I have no's all just spinning in my head and aching in my heart. I just decided to spit it all out on this blog. So, if any of you read this and you know me....then by all means share your advice. I welcome all advice.
Thanks for listening!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Update coming soon.....

I checked out my brother and sister in laws blog...and it inspired me to get back into blogging. So after a long vacation from update will come so very soon. Until are some of my favorite pics of the last few months.