Thursday, October 15, 2009


On Tuesday, I took my students to the Pumpkin Patch. We all picked pumpkins and I put them plastic grocery sacks and we brought them back to school. We sat them on the patio, so we did not trip over them all day in the classroom, but when we left school it was flooding and we had to run out of the classroom into the rain. So, I told the kids to leave the pumpkins there until tomorrow. I told them water was good for pumpkins anyway. As I walked out of my room to go home, I noticed one of the students also left her apple from lunch in the sack. So, the next morning, one of my little boys runs in the room and says, "Mrs. Webb one of the pumkins growed a baby!!!"....I said, "What??" And he replied, "ONE OF THE PUMPKINS GROWED A BABY LAST NIGHT!!" I just started laughing and said, "Come here Ayden...let me show you...the pumpkin did not actually grow a baby, Bailey just happened to leave her apple in the bag with her pumpkin, but you are soooo funny!!" He smiled sweetly, but did not find the moment as funny as I did!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Me...a football fan?

So, for Ryan's 30th birthday I bought him season tickets to Mississippi State's football games. Even though I was a cheerleader I have never gotten into football until now. I have loved going to the games with Ryan and have found myself becoming a football fan. There are a couple of things that I have discovered about myself though. I hate watching the guys drop the ball (I think that is called a fumble..haha), not because it makes me mad. I hate it because it makes my heart hurt. Literally, I feel such pain for those guys because thousands of people are yelling at them from the stands and I guarantee you they did not do it on purpose and feel bad enough about it already. I also hate when the fans leave when we are losing. I also hate to see anybody lose because I can only imagine how disapointed the losing team feels. I am not a competitor, I knew this already...I made more friends than points in every sport I ever played. But, despite the heartache I experience for the players who mess up, I am enjoying the atmosphere. It seems like we are driving back to Mississippi for games every weekend. So, I thought I'd share a little bit of that with you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Finding the Blessings...

I have often used the word "sweet" to describe God. I even made my small group do a whole weeks worth of study identifying the sweetness of God. I could not get over the reactions I had. I think some people thought I was crazy....they could not think of how God was sweet. Well, today I was reminded of just how sweet God is to me. As many of you know, I've been struggling to like living here. I love our house and neighborhood, but never venture out too much (cause there's not a whole lot to do). Well, my favorite store in the world (stay with me here) is a store called Dirt Cheap. They carry lots of Target and other fun stores things but really cheap, and sometimes slightly damaged. They have these in Mississippi....and wow, I just love them. My best purchases so far are Vera Wang and HOTEL bedding for cheap, gap khakis for 25 Cents and an anthropologie pillow for $2. Well, it just so happens that they just opened a brand new one about 15 minutes away from my home. I went today and bought some bedding (photos to come soon) for our guest room. As I arrived in the store, my heart was beating so excitedly that my legs and eyes could not keep up. I was driving home in bliss thinking of my purchase, and excited about the replenishing of my discretionary funds next month...when it hit me. I think God put that store there just for me. That was his way of brightening up my days here. He knew I needed something...and he gave me a store, not just any store...DIRT CHEAP, my favorite store!!

....what a great ending to a day....

Highlights of the past few weeks:

* Ryan and I have had a fun time going to all of Mississippi State's home football games. We are enjoying the time together (well, I am enjoying the time together, Ryan is probably enjoying the football).

*There is lice in my classroom (or on 2 heads in my classroom). I am not surprised! It's my number 2 fear in life and God is obviously trying to work on this one. I am constantly performing self lice examinations on myself though, pretty obnoxious.

*Chloe Jane Biscuit Webb is officially blind. The poor baby can't see and runs into stuff a lot! It breaks my heart!

*I got to cuddle with my niece Anna Jaymes last week. After she fell asleep with my mom and dad, Mama put her in the bed with me and I loved waking up and feeling her there. There were only two problems, 1. She woke up saying, "tee tee" and then I felt the soaking wet sheets. Then as we got up I saw problem number see, I tend to play with peoples hair in my sleep (not that I sleep with lots of people...haha. only my husband, and occasionally my mama or jenni, jodi, and donna). Apparently, I had played with the toddler's hair all night long, and all in one or two spots. Well, when sweet little Anna Jaymes was walking in front of me, I saw what looked like a resemblence of a birds nest in the back of her head. So....ummm, I tried to brush it and wet it...and it never went back to normal. So, I sent her down to Donna and Robbie's and blamed her bad hair on the rain outside! Now, I was actually all my fault. Sorry, Anna Jaymes...Aunt Stacey really did not mean to make you look like that.