Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to Posting.....

Sorry I have not posted in a month. Honestly, there is not too terribly much to tell you. Well, I take that back...we have been busy. The end of July we went to Ryan's family's annual ENID LAKE camping trip. That was fun...however, my legs were eaten up by bugs!!! (I don't think we have bugs in California..haha) Also, we are some of the only ones without children at Enid. So, did being around all of the family and all of the babies make me ready?? HEAVENS, NO! I love our nieces and nephews so much.....but I am so glad that I am just the aunt!! I am still moving the amount of years I want to wait for kids up a year every year. Right now, I would like to wait 5 to 7 more years...haha!

My parents were here this past week. It was so much fun having them here. I sobbed yesterday when they left....for about 4 hours! I am such a baby. Ryan came home in the middle of one of my sobfests and he asked why in the world I was crying so badly. Well, every time I tried to get the words out it just made me cry harder and harder. Finally.....I told him that I feel so completely blessed to have such amazing parents. They love me sooo much. They served us so self-lessly the whole time that they were here. They did so many things for us. Another thing that was making me cry was that I know that being in Los Angeles for a week was hard, especially for my dad. But, he did it for me. Agghhh...I am about to cry again. Anyway, it was such a great week!

As for my job continues! However, I am less anxious than I have been. I am just going to get ready to be a substitute teacher again. Subbing is great, and I do enjoy it, but it would be nice to get a steady job. Ryan is sooo great and patient about this. I guess it is because I have never really had a job or an income so it is not any different than the past 3 years and 3 months of our marriage, But I am sure he would love for me to have a job!

Ryan is enjoying his job still, which is so great! I love that he likes to be at work. He is really good at what he does, too. His boss here in CA (he still has a boss in VA) called him in his office last week and gave him (and only him) a $500 gift card to best buy for the work that he has been doing. So, now he has to decide what he wants to do with the gift card. I would have already spent it if it were mine, but he is a saver!!!

Well, I am going to keep the updates coming....on a regular basis again. Maybe I will post pictures of ENID and of my parents visit soon.

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