Friday, June 29, 2007


I was looking through a book the other day that I use to write in back in high school. I came across this entry about laughter and thought I'd post it....remember I wrote this in either 2001 or when I was 17 or it isn't the greatest.

I was once asked, in my opinion, what the most beautiful sound was. It was easy for me to answer, my reply, laughter! Oh, how I love to laugh! Let me tell you I laugh at everything and I laugh at nothing. Sometimes while praying to our Lord I find myself laughing. I can just feel him laughing, too. I cannot wait to talk to him one day and discuss the funny things that I have done when He was the only one that saw me. Do you ever wonder what that would sound like, I mean to hear our savior laugh. I wonder...while he was on Earth, did he ever trip and fall only to sit and laugh at himself. Did he and his disciples ever have something funny occur while they were together....things that made him laugh until tears ran down their cheeks? I cannot wait to hear it and I cannot wait to laugh with our Lord. I know that God is a holy God....he is a righteous God....but also he came down in the form of a human....and dwelled and walked among us....and I have to a little boy playing with his friends, and as a teenager....and even as an adult in midst of his ministry....there were times when this human, Jesus, just had to laugh. To hear him laugh....that will be a beautiful sound.

I still laugh with God.....and I do wonder what his laughter would sound like....I have a feeling some might think it a bit irreverent to think of such a Holy God having a sense of humor and laughing.....but I find it rather heart warming myself!

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