Saturday, September 1, 2007

Seriously though, I am so thankful!!!!

Can you hear me sounds like this...."AAAAAGGGGHHHH!" The reason is because I am overwhelmed and wiped out! I am soooo excited to teach first grade...and I know that it is a true blessing, but boy is it tiring. And, the funniest part about that is.......the kids have not even come yet! Hahaha...I am laughing at myself. Everyday this week I have been at the school for about 7 hours a day setting up and preparing for the kids. And, it's wierd because I am not really setting up my it's just a different feeling. The lady I am subbing for is wonderful (I actually have not met her). She told me to feel free to do whatever and make it into my classroom. So, it has been overwhelming...but a little fun, too!
But, I need you to pray for me again. Because amidst all of the chaos of getting things ready and set up, and planned....I am getting a little anxious and nervous. I don't even know where everything is in this teacher's room yet. The team of first grade teachers is amazing...and so helpful, so God is really taking care of me. Just please pray that I will be able to manage the class and teach them so that they enjoy learning and truly succeed! Just talking about it has my stomach in knots. So, I am moving on to a new subject!

Oh...this is kind of along the same lines....but Ryan and I have never lived together while I have taught full time (When I did my internship, he lived in Virginia/California and I lived in Texas).So, it was easy for me to devote all my time to teaching. But now, I cannot for the life of me figure out how women do it all. I have yet to find out how to balance teaching, tutoring, planning, cleaning, laundry, cooking, ryan, running, walking chloe, bible study, and sleep. Any advice on how to survive in the "Real World" would be greatly appreciated.

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