Sunday, April 27, 2008


It has been a few weeks since I've posted...well I guess only a little over two. Not just a ton of things have been happening. I've continued pressing foward through 3rd grade. I have good days and bad days....depending on my kiddos. Some days I want to take them all home...other days they drive me crazy. I've discovered that 3rd grade girls completley begin to lose their genuiness. I mean...they try to impress you, and act like someone other than their real self...that breaks my heart...I mean they are 9 for goodness sakes! So...that's school!
I am on week 6 of my Beth Moore BELIEVING GOD study...and am becoming ever more convicted and challenged. This study has been amazing for me and at the end of it I am going to write about the 10 week life changing study.
On a lighter note, 27 DRESSES comes out on DVD Tuesday and Oh...I am so excited! I love this movie!
WE HAVE A NEW NEPHEW! Ryan's brother and sister-n-law...Dana and Micheal had a new baby boy last week. I plan to post a picture of Will as soon as we get one.

This has all been super random....but O Well...more to come later!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Living Proof Live San Diego

Cathy, Lorraine, Yvette, and Me

So, this weekend I picked up three of my most precious sisters and friends and we had a hilarious drive to San Diego, Ca. We met some other girls from Mosaic down there....and took part in Beth Moore's Living Proog Live Conferece. It was amazing....even now as I am typing the tears are welling up in my eyes. God had told Beth to teach on Psalm 139. I have grown to love this chapter like never before. We talked about these main points that Psalm 139 shows us.

1. O LORD, ...I am known.

2. O LORD, ...I need to be known.

3. O LORD, ... I'm scared to be known.

4. O LORD, ... I've always been known.

5.O LORD,... I can know because I am known.

6. O LORD, ... My enemies are known.

7. O LORD, ... My anxieties are known.

8. O, LORD,...Search me and know.

It was so amazing. God is really working in my heart and life. I am just in awe and amazed...and I am still processing all that God is still teaching me thru this weekend. I came home and just had to pray and cry for like 2 hours after getting home Saturday evening. After I have processed it all....I will share more. But until then, I will share some fun photos because not only was it life changing....but these girls and I had soooo much fun!!!

This Miss June "Junie B" and me

Me, Yvette, and Lorraine (cathy behind the camera)

Yvetters and Me

...................more to come later...Ryan needs the computer....ugh!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The truth is ever since living here I have been on the lookout for stars....and I am sure I have seen them, but I never can recognize them. Well, several Friday's ago, my sweet friend Jessica, Ryan, and I went to our local Hermosa Beach Farmer's Market. We were sitting down watching the people and Jess and I were enjoying very good turkey dogs (Yeah I know ...turkey dog...I guess that makes me a little bit less of a Mississippi girl). Anyway, I had noticed this one man and his wife/girlfriend earlier because they were both beautiful people...but I just thought that they were beautiful. Then, J says, "Okay, do you want to see a movie star?" Ofcourse, my heart starts pounding a little, and I am super pumped because not only am I about to see a movie star, but they are in my home town of Hermosa Beach...on my turf. So, she points out the beautiful man that I had seen. "Who is he???" I asked. She informed me that he was in 40 year old virgin and some other films..all of which I had not seen...maybe why I did not recognize him. But, I could not take my eyes off of the movie star. I mean I wanted to see what he bought, how he interacted with his lady companion. I was super excited, but tried to play it off cool and just eat my turkey dog. I really wanted to run up to him and get his autograph (MY MOM WOULD HAVE)....but I noticed no one else was bothering this one seemed to be as excited as I was that he was in our presence. I did think Jess was waving at him once....She began to flap her hand and I looked at her and said, "Are you waving at him?"....To which she replied with laughter and informed me she was shooing away a bug. So...anyway, we came home, looked him up on the computer and instantly confirmed it was him....I can't recall his name right now....but I saw a movie star.

Other than this one confirmed sighting other celebreties I have seen are:
  • Well, I for sure saw Ellen Degeneres at her show.
  • I for sure saw Larry King on her show.
  • I am almost absolutely positive I saw Collin Ferril driving down Santa Monica Blvd.
  • I really thought I saw Jessica Simpson at the Manhattan Beach target...but the more I think about it...the less sense it makes that it would have been her.
  • There was some MTV star at church that someone pointed out to me.
  • Oh...and I have a friend...who comes over weekly for our Beth Moore Bible Study....and she actually has a show coming out...a reality show on the CW, FARMER WANTS A WIFE. She is on this show. Her name is Brooke she is my own personal friend/celebrity..haha.
  • I also thought that I saw Usher in a land rover in hermosa....Ryan looked at the guy and replied, "Stacey, have you ever even seen Usher?" Apparently he did not see the uncanny resemblance...haha.

So, I will keep looking and I will report on any more star sightings....


Yesterday evening, Ryan got a call from his boss saying they had an extra ticket to go see Wicked last night....if we wanted it. I Have been wanting to see this Broadway Musical for a year now! And finally, a little frazzled but excited...I got ready in 5 minutes flying out the door and speeding to their house half an hour away to make it in time. I nearly hit a pedestrian, but made record time on getting to their house in Venice. Then we went to Hollywood where Wicked was being performed in the amazing Pantagous theatre. It was really neat. The entire performace was amazing! I highly recommend it! Of Course, I now want to be a broadway performer. I think I will be trying out for the part of Glenda all day in front of my mirror. If only I could sing....this could be my career. Anyway, I was super excited and wanted to share that excitment with you.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Easter Cookies

So, Easter was a few weeks ago...but I just got around to posting my Easter cookies. I had so much fun with these! Maybe I want to be a baker when I grow up.....

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Break '08

Well, I have not written since becoming a third grade teacher. Three years ago I would have never wanted to be in a third grade classroom....but the truth is I love it. I love the smaller ones better. I think I am definetly better at teaching younger students, but I really enjoy this group of kids. Of Course the first week, I received several notes and comments telling me I was not going to replace their other teacher.....but now they seem to have accepted that she is not coming back and I'm staying. So, we've adjusted and gotten in the groove of things quite well.

And now it is Spring Break! Thanks to ExxonMobil and their need for Ryan this week, our Spring Break plans have been cancelled. We were going to go to Catalina Island and then drive up the Pacific Coast Highway and head to northen California....but since we found out 2 days ago that this would not be possible, I have composed a Spring Break todo list. It look just like this...

To Do:
Clean out closets (This is going to be thrilling)
Bathe Chloe
Take Chloe to the Dog Park (I might should do the park before the bath)
Scrub the bathrooms
Write letters to friends
Apply for passport
Grade some papers
Blog some of my most recent thoughts and conversations I have had with myself..haha
Shop a little (I have to do something fun!)

The one thing I have to look foward to...Beth Moore Conference in San Diego on Friday and Saturday. you can tell, this is not the most exciting Spring Break ever, but I am kinda excited to just chill and get things done around the apartment. I will let you know how it goes! Hopefully I will blog some interesting thoughts soon!