Monday, June 25, 2007

My Random Facts....

I saw a friend do I am stealing his idea...

Random things that people may not have ever known about me (excluding my Mama and maybe a few others):

I had an imaginary friend named Pattie Mixie. Apparently I made my Mama set a place for her at the table and we even rode around for quite some time one night so I could find her grandmother's house and we could drop her off.

I was horribly afraid of bikers as a child...and sometimes when I see a motercycle, that anxious fear comes flooding back. I have recently discovered that I am also horribly afraid of homeless people...I have good reason based on a recent experience which I may get the nerve to tell later.

I use to obsessively talk on the phone as a teenager. But now...I am becoming like my Daddy...I hate to call people or even answer the phone and talk much of the time. I get really nervous talking on the phone to people that I am not super close to...I don't know why.

I think in like 4th grade I changed the spelling of my name to that I could make the "i" with a heart for the dot. Got tired of I changed it back to Stacey.

I was absolutely madly in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a child....and seriously thought that it was God's will that I marry him. hahaha

In the seventh grade I began obsessively looking at and picking my split ends....I still do this now and it drives Ryan crazy! But it is an addiction and I love it!

Speaking of addictions, I have never tried drugs...I have never been offered drugs...but it is a really good thing because I absolutely LOVE the gas that the dentist gives you. They say "Okay, we are turning the gas down now..." and I am like sucking it up trying to get the last bit in my system. SO, its a good thing I have never tried drugs as much as like that stuff.

This one is kinda embarassing, but I still sleep with a stuffed animal and a really soft tiny blanket! The stuffed animal even went on our honeymoon..haha.

I looove the smell of Vicks Vapor Rub!!!

I hate walking in wet grass!!!

My favorite kind of candy...I the big cheapo variety of cholocates you get for valentines....I love the surprises!!!!

My Daddy and I bond best over cheese, crackers, summer sausage, mustard (all together)....oh and chocolate! My Mama and I bond best during shopping adventures...haha.

...I was voted most likely to succeed in my senior class.....and I cannot for the life of me get a job...haha.

Oh...another really random are reading the words of the former Captain of the Cheerleading Squad...hahaha....and captain of the basketball team (but that one was not at all for my great basketball skills).

One last random fact about me....there was one time in my life (and I still would kinda like to do this) when I wanted to be the person who writes on know the "Great Deal" "Only 28,990"..."Great condition"...the ones in neon paint.....yeah...I'd really love to do that. But, I did not know what major to choose in college to be one of those people, so I just chose teaching.

I told you these were going to be verrryy random!!! Hope you enjoyed!

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