Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Wow! I have sooo much to write about! First let me say that Ryan, Chloe, and I are here in Mississippi and we are just loving being home. Ryan killed 2 deer yesterday, so he is super excited....and just being at my parents house with them and my brothers/sisters neices and nephews is the best Christmas present ever! I am currently wearing my new cowboy boots that my parents gave me and my Cowboy Daddy picked out for me. When I told my Daddy that I wanted to wear them with my pink tights and black dress he looked as though it might be blasphemous to wear cowboy boots at the same time one is wearing pink tights and a dress! I said I would wear them out with my mom...to which she replied.."I will just explain that you are from L.A." Ooohh...and my parents got Ryan and I the most amazing massage machine! If you live in our area...you can come try it out....but I might have to start charging. Oh...and last night my sister in law, Crystal, Ryan, and I sang on a kareokee (mispelled, I know) machine for 3 hours....everyone else went to bed after about or 6th song. I love my family!

Our nieces and nephews (6 under the age of 2) are precious. It has been so fun to have them around....however, I am not getting baby fever. I keep reminding our families that we are perfectly fine being the only siblings without kids and that I would be fine to be that way until we go to China when I am 30 to bring home Mei Ling. I have to stop talking about this...the thought of me having a kid makes me nausous...SERIOUSLY! But, I want my brothers/sisters to keep on having them. I am known as "Tatey." Ryan is known as "Unc Ryan" to one side and is called "Matt" on the other side. My brothers name is Matt....and so my nephew Maeson calls my brother and Ryan "Matt."

Before we left Hermosa Beach I finished up my 4 months assignment in first grade. I cried when I said goodbye. I mean....I adore and love those kids and although I will still be teaching at their school they won't be "mine" anymore. I also put my sewing machine to use...and I have some pics to post real soon! I first sewed some pockets. Then I sewed a pocket up accidently so we called it a "nocket" because it was "not a pocket." Then one of my favorite friends Brianne and I made some aprons. I actually gave it away as a gift. The stiching was a little horrible in places, but I felt so proud.

Well, I will write more soon and post pictures from our trip, etc. We are here until Jan 5th....so I am super happy about that. But, I have to get off the computer and go love on my family some more.

Merry CHristmas!


Jessica said...

So, happy to hear you had a wonderful Christmas! We sure do miss you here in Texas! Please tell your family I said hello and have a fantastic New Year!!!


Suzanne Ross said...

Happy New Year Ryan and Stacey!! We miss you!
Brad and Suzanne