Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well, I finally finished! I have read the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series! And, contrary to what some may believe happens as a result of these books, I read them all without once thinking an evil thought or believeing in wizards. Man, these books were so super good! I highly recommend them. I also need to thank my children's lit professor for making me read the first one and my pal Daniel for encouraging me to read them all and for sharing in my excitement with each passing book. Talk about not being able to put books down. J.K. Rowling is one dynamic author! I am a bit sad that the books are more reading, no more adventures. I don't like the movies...they are scary! Anyway...I am super excited that I have finished reading 7 huge books!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I could not wait for yesterday, Black Friday. I wait all year for this day. Yeah I know it is crazy, but there is something about waiting in line while it is almost dark outside....running in the stores as the doors open....and grabbing all the many deals. It gives me a's so fun! I have done this with my mom for a long time, and with my sister in laws, Donna and Crystal, for a few years now. So...on Thursday night I set my alarm. 3:20am. JCPenny's opened at 4am, Wal-Mart at 5am, Target at 6am....and all other stores around 7am. Now, let me add that usually on Black Friday, I don't set an alarm. My mom comes in and wakes me up and tells me we have to leave in like 30 minutes. So, I just get dressed, get some coffee that my mom has made for me, and put my makeup on in the car (while it is still dark outside...impressive). This year, the alarm went off...and I hit snooze 3 times. I did not want to get up and had decided that I did not need anything from JC Penny's, so I would not be there at 4. But, I finally got up. I called Donna who was 2 hours ahead of me and already on her second store. It gave me a bit of motivation. I got dressed and headed to walmart....I pulled in the parking lot at 4:21 am. My heart began to race!!!! There was a line to get into the store all the way across the front, all the way down the side, and around the back by the tire and lube center. WOW, this was exciting. So, a little giddy, I walk quickly to get in line (I don't know why I walked quickly, it's not like it was moving). I made some friends in line and we laughed and giggled and talked the entire hour we stood outside of walmart. They could only let so many people in at a time once it hit 5am. My friends in line were there for a flat panel was in line for a sewing machine (more detail to come later). My chances of getting a sewing machine were pretty good. I knew the few hundred people in front of me were not all there for the $54 steal on the sewing machine. But, my friend was worried about her t.v. chances. Eventually we both got in and both got our goods. And that was the most fun part of my day. From there it went down hill. I decided that Black Friday without your family is a bummer. There were lots of things in the stores that I wanted, but I did not have the stamina to wait in line...I had no one to bond with...well, I am sure I could have found someone, but I was not in the mood to force some random line waiter to get to know me. I got a few things, but not nearly as many as I would have liked. I came home around 1:30pm. So, I went at it for almost 8 hours!

Now, back to this sewing machine. I have always wanted to sew. I love being crafty, and well sewing would just expand my gift giving possibilities (and, I need a hobby for qatar). I told Ryan I wanted to get this sewing machine as my Christmas present from him. He laughed and has very little confidence that I will be able to do this. I mean, I know I need lessons, but still it can't be that difficult. So, I got it, and I need some encouragement, because I was looking at the instructions for how to just get the thread in the thing....and I thought, well am I suppose to do this if they make threading the needle so difficult. (By the way, I did not tell Ryan that I was struggling).

This has been a lot of rambling, and well, I think I am gonna go back to the stores today. I have to find just the right semi-formal party dress for Ryan's company holiday party and I am running out of time.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, Ryan had to work...bless his heart...this is like the 14th day of 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. And....I did not want to go home to MS without him. So, I decided to spend my day decorating with what little Christmas decorations we have, and go get a subway turkey sandwich and eat it on the beach. These are pictures of my Thanksgiving Day! I have so much to be thankful for!

This is my Thanksgiving meal, table setting, and view. I seriously really enjoyed this meal!!

This TURKEY sandwich was sooooo good!

Although, I did not have family or friends, this little guy hung around me for my entire meal. He began to freak me out. I kept looking at him and saying, "No...No!" It did not help him to go away, but it did keep him from attacking for my food.
Pretty Soon, the one bird multiplied into like 50 and I ate my sandwich really fast!

Pictures of the waves crashing! I wish I could add sound to this!

Bird Foot Prints in the sand!

My footprints fading in the sand! is one little pup that I will forever be thankful for. Chloe Jane Biscuit Webb is just the most perfect dog for me and I love her soooo much!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nothing Special.....

I have nothing special to say...just decided to update. I am so ready for Thanksgiving break. This week was a 4 day week at school, but it was seriously one of the longest weeks ever. I am in need of a break. Ryan is even more in need of a break. For 2 weeks he has been working 12 hour shifts 7 days a I feel bad for complaining.

We don't know yet if we will get to go home to Mississippi or if we will be staying here. It all depends on Ryans work....but it sure would be nice to go home. Whether we are at home in Mississippi or here in California, I am getting prepared for Black Friday. Shopping the day after Thanksgiving is a tradition my mom and I have had for quite some time!!! The past few years my sister in laws, Donna and Crystal, have joined in on the tradition making it even more fun. I will sure miss them if I am manning the crowd all by myself this year.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What I was created for....

This past Sunday....Ryan and I arrived at church an hour early because neither of us knew the time was pretty funny. But that has nothing to do with what I am wanting to write about. During worship we sang a song....and the chorus consisted of these lines:
I cannot survive this ordinary life.
I was not created for an ordinary life.
That pretty much summed up what God has been speaking into my life over the past 4 years. As much as I would love to think of living in a nice big house, with nice furniture, cute clothes, nice neighborhood, nice car.....each time I think of it, I almost get sick. Not that there is anything wrong with having nice things and a nice comfortable life, but because over the past few years God has repeatedly told me that I have not been created to live an ordinary life, but an original and extraordinary life. Over and over He is telling me that this life that I am living is not about me. I have to do more...I have to serve more, love more, help more, befriend more. I have to get out of my comfort zones...give over my dreams of living in MS owning my own little boutique. I was created for something more. Recently I finished up the Beth Moore Daniel study, and something she said in that study will stick with me forever. She said, "You can live your entire life as saved as you can be, and yet miss your calling...miss God's purpose for you." Whoa...That's what I never want to do. When I start feeling too comfortable and content with my surroundings, life, relationships....I want to re-evaluate. I don't want to just be saved. I can't just be saved. There are passions burning so strongly within me that I like that song said cannot survive living an ordinary life!!!
There are two huge passions that burn deep within my is my passion to somehow serve God overseas in a place where people need to experience the love of Christ...where they have never had that opportunity. The second passion is a burning desire to work with, rescue, love, and adopt orphans...of every ethnicity and race. For three years, I have prayed and prayed about these passions. I honestly felt like God was going to send us to China through Exxon because that would allow me to combine both passions that I know are God given desires. Just recently Ryan and I found out where we will more than likely be in a year from now. I knew on this particular day Ryan would be talking with his boss and would find out where we would be. So, I called Ryan as soon as my students were dismissed and awaited to hear him say where we were heart was hoping it would be overseas next....(preferably China) but my mind was saying it would probably be a US assignment. Then he told me and I just laughed!!!! QATAR. I got off of the phone, pulled down my giant classroom map and found Qatar (in the middle east). I just giggled and giggled...."Really God, Qatar??" My mind was in the state of giddiness because His fingerprints are allllll over this. Growing up in the south and in the Bible belt, I learned a lot about witnessing and evangelizing...and then God moved me to Texas...and then to LA...where step by step He has been drawing me so near to Him. I have learned how different the world is outside of the south. I have learned that Christians are stereotyped majorly. I have learned that we are known for the things we hate and the kinds of people we hate (I know we don't really hate anyone...but they see it that way). These people need love, relationships, friendships different than any friendship they have ever experienced. And God has been teaching us this in amazing ways. And he is taking us to a place where evangelism is out of the question for the most part. But loving people, building friendships, and relationships is the only way we can really impact these people. Whoa!!!!! I cannot wait!
I just wanted to share these things that have been on my heart!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pictures from Doey Wayne's Wedding!!

Pictures From Jode's Wedding!!!

Just a few of the 123 I took...