Monday, July 9, 2007


Okay, so last week I along with about 5 other amazing ladies began our journey through the book of Daniel....with Beth Moore as our tour guide! It has been amazing and we have only done one week of homework. One of the things that I have learned or realized (that Beth said) is that unless we have out defenses up we become indoctrinated by the things in our world and by our culture. Well....for half of the study Beth encouraged us to live 6 weeks committing to a Daniel-Like Challenge. Daniel chose not to eat the food and wine from the kings table. Now I nor you are not bound to the Old Testament Laws like Daniel we had to think of something to give up. We decided to each give up something that we allow ourselves to overindulge in...something that is permissible to us but not necessarily beneficial to us. So, I have decided to give up all types of beauty, fashion, fitness, and celebrity fascinations and television shows that are just not beneficial to me. I did not realize how hard this was! I have only given these things up for 4 days and WHOA! I realized that I have been indoctrinated. I even long to log on to want to watch things that I should's crazy.

Anyway....this is going to be so super for me. It has already been so great just to see how easily I have let the culture around me (the not so beneficial things) seep into my daily life.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July in Hermosa Beach PART II !!!!!!!

Our fourth of July got even more exciting that I just had to share it with you. We ate our steaks and they were fantastic (thanks to my grill master husband). Then we were gonna head back to the beach for an evening of fireworks and dessert. We changed into warm clothes (cause it is cold on the beach at night) and I put on my "Modest is Hottest" shirt. I even told Ryan walking down to the beach that I felt really out of place with this shirt on...walking into a war zone of immodesty. we go down...its not dark yet...and we see ambulances and cop cars all down the strand...I wanted to go see what it was all about....and eventually Ryan agreed to go check it out. We discovered a very tragic scene. A guy (we assume a very drunk guy) jumped, fell, or was pushed off of the roof of a three story house. He landed on concrete and was severely injured....but still alive (apparently the guy's feet were moving). By the time we had arrived on the scene...cops were taking statements, taking photos of blood and evidence....but most of the blood had already been washed up...and the guy was on his way to the hospital. But....guess what...the evening gets even more exciting! Wait...that part I just told you was not exciting...eventful may be the better word....anyway.... As we are standing viewing the scene, I noticed a group of people (4 of them) digging in the sand...searching for something. Ryan and I left the scene...and then it hit me....I felt something saying "STACEY GO BACK AND HELP THEM." So, I told Ryan and we went back. A guy who had been married for a year had lost his wedding ring and they were excited to have more help to look for it. As we were digging one of the girls looked at me and said "Do you have on a modest is hottest shirt?" I looked up and said..."Yes"....and she was like "That is awesome." So, they asked if we were believers and we excitedly said yes and found out that they were also. So...we continued digging and found out this couple is moving right down the road and they have had a hard time getting connected with other young couples, etc. we talk, and we were all praying to ourselves that we'd find the ring...cause it was getting dark....lo and behold...Ryan finds the ring!!!!!!!!!! We all clapped and yelled with joy!

This was such a God thing....and here is the neatest thing. Had that guy not jumped/fallen..whatever off of the roof, we would have never seen these people, met them, and Ryan would not have found the wedding band. Now, I hate that this guy was so badly hurt...but I discovered that you know how we Christians say something good comes out of every situation....well this showed me that sometimes the good that comes out of it may have nothing to do with us. The guy that fell off of the roof...and the people close to him may wonder why that happened...what good could ever come out of it, etc. They will never know that because of that a wedding band was found and a friendship was made (sounds like minor good compared to what happened but we know it was God)!!!

But...anyway...what an eventful evening...more happened...fireworks were was fun...but pray for that guy!

Fourth of July in Hermosa Beach!

Happy Fourth of July!!!!! Ryan and I had a very relaxed fourth of July. We slept late, went and bought some steaks, then headed to the beach while they marinated. the beach that we live on is a pretty big beach. But it is never packed....its not a touristy beach so it nice and relaxing. we saw a completely new side of Hermosa Beach. As we walked about 3 miles down the strand (a concrete path along the beach....separating the sand from the mansions on the beach) we were weaving in and out of a very unique crowd. Of course, many of them were drinking...and most were scantily clad. There were occasionally kids with lemonade stands. We saw one kids sign that said...lemonade 4 Cents. I should have stopped there cause where I did stop it cost $2.00. I got ripped off by an 8 year old. But we walked through the crowded strand I told Ryan that in most cases when you are out in public you notice those people who are not normal....the ones that sometimes we see...and in our own self righteousness....shake our heads at their appearance or make some comment to our spouse or friend. Well in California we are really learning to overcome that....and especially today. It was the opposite...the normal looking people stood out. I caught my self turning to Ryan and saying..."Wow...they looked normal." was a fun walk. Then we settles down on the beach only to find ourselves somewhat near an inflatable arena with a sign that said "Margarita Wrestling." We did not stay to see what it was about, but Ryan and I were a little perplexed. We could not figure out if they were going to wrestle in Margaritas....(the pool filled with margaritas) or did you have to drink like a ton of margaritas and then get in and wrestle. A small part of me actually wanted to stick around just to see what would happen. Anyway, I could tell you more...but the steaks that Ryan marinated about 6 hours ago are now about ready to be grilled. So, I hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!!