Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mississippi Misconceptions Begin at an Early Age

This week my students were working on the letter "J" words. I was giving them simple words to spell that began with j. This is how the dialogue went a few minutes into this lesson....
Me: Oh...I have a good one. I want you to spell my daddy's name. His name is J (making j sound) i (making short i sound) m(making the mmm sound).
Student: Jim....your daddy's name is jim?
Me: Yep.
Student: Oh...Jim just like a gym. Mrs. Webb, Does your Daddy named Jim work out at the gym?
Another Student: NOOOOO! (It was a no,, stupid. I was expecting him to say no, he is a cowboy...or something) but the response was....NOOO! THEY DON'T HAVE GYMS IN MISSISSIPPI!!!!
Me: Roaring Laughter!!!!!!


We leave for Mississippi tomorrow at 4pm. Wooohooo! I look foward to breathing smoke and ash free air. I will soon post pics from Jode's wedding. Gotta go finish packing!!!

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