Friday, June 29, 2007


I was looking through a book the other day that I use to write in back in high school. I came across this entry about laughter and thought I'd post it....remember I wrote this in either 2001 or when I was 17 or it isn't the greatest.

I was once asked, in my opinion, what the most beautiful sound was. It was easy for me to answer, my reply, laughter! Oh, how I love to laugh! Let me tell you I laugh at everything and I laugh at nothing. Sometimes while praying to our Lord I find myself laughing. I can just feel him laughing, too. I cannot wait to talk to him one day and discuss the funny things that I have done when He was the only one that saw me. Do you ever wonder what that would sound like, I mean to hear our savior laugh. I wonder...while he was on Earth, did he ever trip and fall only to sit and laugh at himself. Did he and his disciples ever have something funny occur while they were together....things that made him laugh until tears ran down their cheeks? I cannot wait to hear it and I cannot wait to laugh with our Lord. I know that God is a holy God....he is a righteous God....but also he came down in the form of a human....and dwelled and walked among us....and I have to a little boy playing with his friends, and as a teenager....and even as an adult in midst of his ministry....there were times when this human, Jesus, just had to laugh. To hear him laugh....that will be a beautiful sound.

I still laugh with God.....and I do wonder what his laughter would sound like....I have a feeling some might think it a bit irreverent to think of such a Holy God having a sense of humor and laughing.....but I find it rather heart warming myself!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Newest Niece!!!!!

Welcome to this world baby Raney!!!!

Rebekah Raney Scott
Born Today June 27, 2007
8 lbs. 12 oz.
20 inches long

Kelly, Chad, and Big brother Wyatt welcomed this new addition into their family today. We cannot wait to meet our new niece the end of next month!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Random Facts....

I saw a friend do I am stealing his idea...

Random things that people may not have ever known about me (excluding my Mama and maybe a few others):

I had an imaginary friend named Pattie Mixie. Apparently I made my Mama set a place for her at the table and we even rode around for quite some time one night so I could find her grandmother's house and we could drop her off.

I was horribly afraid of bikers as a child...and sometimes when I see a motercycle, that anxious fear comes flooding back. I have recently discovered that I am also horribly afraid of homeless people...I have good reason based on a recent experience which I may get the nerve to tell later.

I use to obsessively talk on the phone as a teenager. But now...I am becoming like my Daddy...I hate to call people or even answer the phone and talk much of the time. I get really nervous talking on the phone to people that I am not super close to...I don't know why.

I think in like 4th grade I changed the spelling of my name to that I could make the "i" with a heart for the dot. Got tired of I changed it back to Stacey.

I was absolutely madly in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a child....and seriously thought that it was God's will that I marry him. hahaha

In the seventh grade I began obsessively looking at and picking my split ends....I still do this now and it drives Ryan crazy! But it is an addiction and I love it!

Speaking of addictions, I have never tried drugs...I have never been offered drugs...but it is a really good thing because I absolutely LOVE the gas that the dentist gives you. They say "Okay, we are turning the gas down now..." and I am like sucking it up trying to get the last bit in my system. SO, its a good thing I have never tried drugs as much as like that stuff.

This one is kinda embarassing, but I still sleep with a stuffed animal and a really soft tiny blanket! The stuffed animal even went on our honeymoon..haha.

I looove the smell of Vicks Vapor Rub!!!

I hate walking in wet grass!!!

My favorite kind of candy...I the big cheapo variety of cholocates you get for valentines....I love the surprises!!!!

My Daddy and I bond best over cheese, crackers, summer sausage, mustard (all together)....oh and chocolate! My Mama and I bond best during shopping adventures...haha.

...I was voted most likely to succeed in my senior class.....and I cannot for the life of me get a job...haha.

Oh...another really random are reading the words of the former Captain of the Cheerleading Squad...hahaha....and captain of the basketball team (but that one was not at all for my great basketball skills).

One last random fact about me....there was one time in my life (and I still would kinda like to do this) when I wanted to be the person who writes on know the "Great Deal" "Only 28,990"..."Great condition"...the ones in neon paint.....yeah...I'd really love to do that. But, I did not know what major to choose in college to be one of those people, so I just chose teaching.

I told you these were going to be verrryy random!!! Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chloe's Birthday Party!

Wow....the alignment of these pictures turned out to be chaos...sorry about that. These are pictures from Chloes third birthday party! What fun!!!!

She really enjoyed her cupcake! And....this morning she had a little tummy ache!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I want her!!!!
(Or at least one like her...and we shall call her MeiLing.)
I don't know what it is...well, yes, let me take that back...I do know what it's God.....It is God that has made me long for an orphan like this one. The overwhelming desire to adopt from China hit me only weeks after marrying Ryan. It was so powerful that I knew it was the Holy Spirit. So, I began to pray about telling Ryan...because quite honestly I had decided that I did not want any children of my own, but that I wanted to adopt from China and all over (before Angelina Jolie). So, after praying and knowing without a doubt that God was laying this on my heart...I approached Ryan, thinking you know surely if God was laying this on my heart ...he must be also laying it on Ryans. When I informed him that I thought God wanted us to adopt from China...and that I really did not care to have my own children, I realized immediately God had not been so powerfully revealing this issue to him..haha. He was a bit stunned...and so was I! I mean really (I said this to God)...How can it be so clear to me that this is from the Lord and yet Ryan did not even desire to adopt from China. How could he not?? God spoke to me clearly to me and basically said, "Stacey, I revealed these plans to you in my perfect timing...Let me work in Ryan's heart my way and in my time." And...He Ryan is perfectly fine with adopting MeiLing (He even came up with that name a year ago). And...Ryan is even okay with adopting MeiLing and another orphan from a different country (I want Africa). Oh, and of course God worked in my heart...and I am willing to try and have my own (many years from now) and adopt. But there are some today...that I just long for little MeiLing!!!! It will be at least 7 more years. Chinese law says I have to be 30!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Chloe!!!

On Wednesday, June 20th...we will celebrate Chloe's third birthday! Man, am I ever so glad to have her. She brings sooo much joy into my life. I liked it better when I could spoil her and treat her like a we are on a plan to try and make her stop barking when we are gone....which includes treating her like a dog not a baby. But...boy do I love her! So, I have been thinking of what we can do for her third birthday. I think she and I will go for a ride in the car...she likes that....and then go to the dog park (she doesn't love that...but needs to get out)....and go for a walk on the beach. We will have a party with a tiny cake....and she will get to enjoy it all!
The other day a friend of mine here said she wanted a baby dog. I said..."Like, a puppy?" And she said yeah she wanted it to be a puppy when she got it...but she wanted it to always be a baby dog....even after it grew up. I laughed for a while...but then I really began to agree with her. I like calling Chloe a baby dog. So.....the baby dog turns three and we will celebrate...I will post pictures of the celebration after Wednesday!!!! Happy Birthday Chloe Jane Biscuit Webb!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Teachers.....always a demand???? everytime I tell someone I am a teacher....or that I have my teaching degree...or whatever, the usual response is something like this,"Oh..that is so good. There is always a need for teachers....always a shortage." Well, I beg to differ!!! I have been mapping out schools to go to tomorrow...and I plan to go in, introduce myself, hand them my resume...and try to make a good impression. This is not the way this is suppose to work! There is suppose to be a desperate need for teachers...not teachers desperate for a job. So....anyway...start praying as I go door to door and try to somehow make a good enough impression in less than five minutes that some principal will say..."I want her at out school." I will update you on the success of my trek tomorrow. I am doing on district tomrrow and another district Tuesday. ......And I applied for 4 jobs online today. Aggghhhhhh! PRAY..please! ............

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well, the above photos are of my mother in law and I on the red carpet. We were at Universal Studios Hollywood. Lots of fun!!! But only moments after being there I became aware of how unintentionally mean I can be. You see, as soon as we got into the park...we saw the House of Horrors to which I said...."Oh, Lets do this one!" Let me also say that I absolutely HATE to be scared. I know hate is a very strong word.....but almost not strong enough to describe how much I dislike it when I am scared...especially suddenly. Well, Ryan tries to scare me and when we went into this horrifying house thing he was not in the protective husband mode....and I trusted his mom more. So, arm in arm we walked through the haunted house. And over and over...scary people and creatures jumped out chased and grabbed us. Each time we screamed....really screamed!! We also would cling tightly to each other. But then I noticed...I was not only clinging to Mrs. Janie I was jumping behind her while pushing her to face whatever creature it was. So, I forced her to protect me. She was scared too....but it never dawned on me to help or protect her......these horrors were quick and spontaneous....I had no time to think....and naturally I just took action to protect myself.
I felt so bad afterwards....I mean...what a horrible daughter in law! But you know I think that putting ones self first is the natural thing to do for most of us...we are inately selfish!!! It takes thought, effort, courage, and in many cases...sacrifice to put yourself last. So Mrs. Janie......if you come back...I promise to throw myself in front of you and protect you instead of myself when we go through the house of horrors!! haha.....

Thursday, June 7, 2007

To be a child again...when feeling like a princess was so easy!

OH to be a princess again...... The princess in these photos is Princess Ella Reeves.....some very good friends of ours' daughter from Houston. Ella is actually just one of three girls in the family and a brother.... These pictures were taken during a recent visit to see this family. Ella had just woken up and was not quite fully awake at this time. But....what I love about this soon as woke up.....pj's came off and the princess wear was put on. I think if they made dress up princess attire for grown ups...I would follow the example set by Ella....I would take of my regular boring clothes...and wear my princess gowns 24/7. There is something about this thought and these pictures that make me miss my childhood (and Ella) so much! If it only now ...all it took to make the world bright again was a pink , tulle, satin, and sequined dress.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

"Everything You Bless..."

Today I received an e-mail. The subject said...."Developmental Kindergarten Position." It was from a local school district and it was about a position that I had applied for. Not only did I apply for this position.....but this is the one that I REALLY wanted. It was one reason I passed up two other positions... I was holding out for this one. So, I excitedly opened the e-mail....only to find out that the position that I just knew I was perfect for would not be one that I would have. It was an email saying that I had not been selected to interview. I was a little shocked, honestly. I mean didn't they know that I was literally perfect for this was the one I was most confident in...and really how could they not even give me a chance to interview. Obviously, I was upset and also a little hurt...and I felt rejected.

So, all afternoon I thought about it...I was honestly a little down. And when I told Ryan..who is in Dallas right now...he apologized, but then immediately told me that I needed to be taking this job search seriously..that I needed to find a job! I know that he is just a logical thinker....and he was thinking logically. But...I think mostly with my heart...and at that moment, I did not need a lecture. So, I responded very defensively....I mean I search and apply for jobs daily! Anyway...Satan was just trying to get me down about the job search and about my first real rejection....I know it was had his fingerprints all over it.

But then as always....God came to my rescue with encouragement. I was running and listening to a song that I have heard over and over....but this time a phrase stood said (speaking to God)..."Everything you not everything I plan or dream." It was just God's way of whispering..."Stacey...remember just because you long for this....that does not mean that I long for you to have this." I struggle because I don't see many options right now....and I don't know what job God does want me to have. Another reason why it was so difficult me to accept this rejection was because I had begged and pleaded with God in prayer...."God, you know that this is the desire of my heart....I am seeking you....I am asking....please meet this need and bless me with this job that I sooo desire." And...the thing was I wanted this job because I knew I could show compassion like never before to students in this type of class....I wanted to love them and serve them. I have already been praying for my future students....and I just knew that they would be part of this class. So, my reasons for wanting this job were not selfish. But, they obviously were not God's plan. It is hard to understand when our ways are not his way....but I am encouraged that God has an amazing position out there for me....and I will keep searching daily until I find it. So.....if you are reading this...please pray for my job search...and pray for discernment for me...and also patience for Ryan as he continues to wait also.

Monday, June 4, 2007

My newest nephew!!!!

Welcome to this World!!!!

Westin Blake Jolley

June 4, 2007

Baby Wes is the newest addition to our family! I am soooo excited! I cannot wait to see the little one...but it will be July before I do see him. So far, I think he looks like his brother! He does not look so much like his big brother Maeson.

Friday, June 1, 2007


Oh How I love Kindergarteners......

For the past two weeks I have had the oppurtunity to sub at the same kindergarten...what a fun time! Here are some of the funny things I hear in just a matter of days... (I am changing their names)

Okay so I am teaching and telling the class a little about myself before beginning....and so Maggie raised her hand. "Yes, have a question?" ....and then Maggie replied, "Ummm, are you a cowgirl because you sound like a cowgirl." I laughed...told them that I was not a cowgirl...explained why I spoke differently than they did....but I did tell them that my daddy was a real cowboy, and he was a favorite among the class. They asked if he could visit their class.

Later that day during dismissal....I ask this same little girl, "Maggie, is your grown up here to pick you up, do you see her?" Then as I am looking for her I hear what sounded like, "The H*** No!" Shocked and thinking I must have misheard this little 6 year old girl I said..."what did you just say?" And...a little clearer she says, "The H*** No!" She must have seen the stunned look on my face so she thought she'd help me out and break the silence...."I love that word...I love to say that!" I get on her level and precede to tell her that we cannot say those words at school. She did not really care and told me she used them at home...but I explained why we dont use those kinds of words, etc.....FUNNY.

A dialogue between me and a little boy...we will call him Nate:
Nate: Mrs. Webb, I really like how beautiful you are.
Mrs Webb: Oh, Nate...thank you. That was so kind...and you are very handsome.
Nate: I can meet you at the train station if you wanna go somewhere with me.
Mrs. Webb: What???
Nate: I know where the train station is and we could meet there.
Mrs. Webb: Oh, Nick....don't be silly....I am married! Now...go to recess!

(Ryan says I should never have kept that conversation going with him....he's probably right.)

Another random student says to me...."Can we call you Mrs. Western because thats what you make me think of?" My reply......"No, silly....My name is not Mrs. Western."