Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So, Ryan and I are doing well. He is getting burned out at work and is in need of a vacation. The best part Thursday we fly home. One of my very best friends, Jodi Hudson, is getting married and we are flying in for the wedding. So, we are thrilled and excited to be home for a short visit. I am also a bit stressed because I have so much to prepare for my sub while I will be gone for 2 days. Also, if any of you saw our bedroom you would be ashamed. There are clothes absolutely everywhere. It is insane....absolutely insane. But, I won't have time to get to it until this weekend. You know how things can be messy...and you can live with it for a little while...but then it completley overwhelms you and stresses you out...and you cannot stand to look at, and you just feel the world is caving in.....hahaha...all because there are clothes on the floor, well that's the point that I am at. And, instead of dealing with it and being up there right now, I am sitting down stairs where it is bearable and am ranting to you about how something needs to be done. Ahhhhhggghhh!!

Ryan and I had dinner with our friends, Cliff and Cathy tonight. They made crab legs for us...king crab legs. This was my first experience with crab legs.....and well, let me just be honest...they completley freaked me out. They were giant crab legs for one thing, and still had their claws..and hairs. I have never been one to be queasy about eating animals until tonight and I almost could not do it. It was good, only next time, I think I will be crab meat that is already peeled and ready for me.

Sorry for the random's 8:42 and my body is begging me to go to bed. Goodnight, precious people.

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Anonymous said...

Baby Girl,
You are so funny. You do need to stop and "JUST BREATHE"!! You've got such a busy life right now.Reserve Saturday to sleep late and then you and Ryan can devote the day to cleaning.You'll feel like you can handle things better then and you can rest on Sunday!!
Can't wait to see you.Everyone thinks you should be a writer!! Think about that!
I love you and miss you.