Monday, July 9, 2007


Okay, so last week I along with about 5 other amazing ladies began our journey through the book of Daniel....with Beth Moore as our tour guide! It has been amazing and we have only done one week of homework. One of the things that I have learned or realized (that Beth said) is that unless we have out defenses up we become indoctrinated by the things in our world and by our culture. Well....for half of the study Beth encouraged us to live 6 weeks committing to a Daniel-Like Challenge. Daniel chose not to eat the food and wine from the kings table. Now I nor you are not bound to the Old Testament Laws like Daniel we had to think of something to give up. We decided to each give up something that we allow ourselves to overindulge in...something that is permissible to us but not necessarily beneficial to us. So, I have decided to give up all types of beauty, fashion, fitness, and celebrity fascinations and television shows that are just not beneficial to me. I did not realize how hard this was! I have only given these things up for 4 days and WHOA! I realized that I have been indoctrinated. I even long to log on to want to watch things that I should's crazy.

Anyway....this is going to be so super for me. It has already been so great just to see how easily I have let the culture around me (the not so beneficial things) seep into my daily life.

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