Friday, September 14, 2007

My First Full Week of First Grade!

Whhhhewwww....I am wiped out! I don't even know where to begin. First Grade is great! The school that I am working at along with the staff there are just absolutely amazing! They are so kind and so gracious...warm..and welcoming. Just an really is going well....very very time consuming since, I am new to all of their curriculum. I mean, I get home around 6ish...and I even bring home stuff to work on then. SO, it is demanding right now, but I am still thankful. My students are great....I love them....I really love them so much. Since January I have prayed for my class (not knowing who they would be).....and so I instantly fell in love. Ofcourse there are a couple that push my patience and I have had to use my mean voice a few times....but for the most part, I am amazingly blessed. They make me laugh so very much! My accent really seems to bother a couple of them. One keeps asking why I sound like I am from Texas....and another corrects me when I say a word that does not sound correct to her....putting a stop to that one! But....honestly, I am being blessed beyond measure. I sometimes doubt my ability to actually TEACH though. I mean, I am alot of fun...and do fun projects, etc.....but I am wondering if I actually have the gift of teaching ( I sure hope none of my kids parent's stumble upon this..haha).

Ryan is good...excited that college football is now on. In fact he is napping right now...but the football is on in the background.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to manage working every day, laundry, cooking, cleaning, Bible Study twice a week, running, california tan is fading fast!

Ummm.....this has been a rather random post....but....that's what my life is like. Now, I am about to spend an hour on school stuff...and then.....I am diving into the final Harry Potter that my friend Lynne let me borrow....wooohoo!

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Rebecca said...

I know your precious first graders are so blessed to have you as a teacher! You are going to do a fantastic job!! When I moved to Houston, EVERYONE asked where I was from, and one mom, who was from the north, asked if her son could be moved from my class because of my accent!!!! Thankfully, the principal said no, and he ended up loving me from the beginning. Keep us updated!