Monday, September 3, 2007


Don't let this picture fool you. Sure, the ocean is pretty...and in this picture the waves are nice and calm.....but today....the ocean was not a playful almost became a cemetary...atleast for me anyways.
It was HOT today...and for those reading this that are in Mississippi or Texas, I am ashamed to say that HOT means around 85 degrees. But anyways, it really was hot. Ryan and I went to the beach and I was looking foward to getting into the ocean to ride some waves. I usually don't look foward to getting into the Pacific ocean because it is always cold! But I was ready today.As we sat and watched we noticed that the waves were huge....bigger than usual.....but everyone out there seemed to be having a grand time. So, eventually we headed in. I immediately began to notice that the waves were extremely powerful (I should add that Ryan is a great swimmer....I am horrible)! Despite the fact that I am not a strong swimmer, I decided that I could follow Ryan and I'd be fine. About 3 giant waves knocked me over and under...and over and over...and I decided maybe this wasn't fun afterall. Then....I looked up....and I saw was coming and it was I go under and try to avoid i jump up and try to let it go somewhat under me, do I dive into it????? So, being the indecisive person I am, I stood there and did not do anything...and it threw me under and over and came my bottoms....down came my top. I knew I was dying, I just knew it...I could not come up...and I was in such a state of panic I could not figure out how to get my swimsuit back on! Somehow, I came up...and I can't really recall, but I think that I was dressed when the wave literally shot me onto shore. I come up...embarrassed and terrified to see Ryan way back in the ocean waving and telling me to "C'MON!!" I tried yelling to him that I almost just died and I could not take it anymore, I had to get out. He kept on playing....I don't think he heard me. When he did come in and I explained my near death experience, he could not believe I could not get my swimsuit on sooner. I said, "Sweetheart, I was drowning...what was I suppose to do?" Anyway....I am probably making this a little more dramatic than it was, but it was scary to me. And then I began to think.....where was the lifeguard? He was sitting in his lifeguard house while I was being tortured by a wave. But then as I thought some more, I was really glad no one came to my rescue....I mean being in the state that I was in (my swimsuit and all)...I am so thankful he did not try to pull me out of the water.
Note to self: are not a great swimmer....never get in the ocean when the waves are that big!!! And...get a better swim suit!

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Rebecca said...

How funny!! This made me laugh, and I'm sure almost every girl has had the same thing happen to them!