Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Chloe!!!

On Wednesday, June 20th...we will celebrate Chloe's third birthday! Man, am I ever so glad to have her. She brings sooo much joy into my life. I liked it better when I could spoil her and treat her like a we are on a plan to try and make her stop barking when we are gone....which includes treating her like a dog not a baby. But...boy do I love her! So, I have been thinking of what we can do for her third birthday. I think she and I will go for a ride in the car...she likes that....and then go to the dog park (she doesn't love that...but needs to get out)....and go for a walk on the beach. We will have a party with a tiny cake....and she will get to enjoy it all!
The other day a friend of mine here said she wanted a baby dog. I said..."Like, a puppy?" And she said yeah she wanted it to be a puppy when she got it...but she wanted it to always be a baby dog....even after it grew up. I laughed for a while...but then I really began to agree with her. I like calling Chloe a baby dog. So.....the baby dog turns three and we will celebrate...I will post pictures of the celebration after Wednesday!!!! Happy Birthday Chloe Jane Biscuit Webb!!!!

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