Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I want her!!!!
(Or at least one like her...and we shall call her MeiLing.)
I don't know what it is...well, yes, let me take that back...I do know what it is....it's God.....It is God that has made me long for an orphan like this one. The overwhelming desire to adopt from China hit me only weeks after marrying Ryan. It was so powerful that I knew it was the Holy Spirit. So, I began to pray about telling Ryan...because quite honestly I had decided that I did not want any children of my own, but that I wanted to adopt from China and all over (before Angelina Jolie). So, after praying and knowing without a doubt that God was laying this on my heart...I approached Ryan, thinking you know surely if God was laying this on my heart ...he must be also laying it on Ryans. When I informed him that I thought God wanted us to adopt from China...and that I really did not care to have my own children, I realized immediately God had not been so powerfully revealing this issue to him..haha. He was a bit stunned...and so was I! I mean really (I said this to God)...How can it be so clear to me that this is from the Lord and yet Ryan did not even desire to adopt from China. How could he not?? God spoke to me clearly to me and basically said, "Stacey, I revealed these plans to you in my perfect timing...Let me work in Ryan's heart my way and in my time." And...He did...today Ryan is perfectly fine with adopting MeiLing (He even came up with that name a year ago). And...Ryan is even okay with adopting MeiLing and another orphan from a different country (I want Africa). Oh, and of course God worked in my heart...and I am willing to try and have my own (many years from now) and adopt. But there are some days...like today...that I just long for little MeiLing!!!! It will be at least 7 more years. Chinese law says I have to be 30!

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