Thursday, June 7, 2007

To be a child again...when feeling like a princess was so easy!

OH to be a princess again...... The princess in these photos is Princess Ella Reeves.....some very good friends of ours' daughter from Houston. Ella is actually just one of three girls in the family and a brother.... These pictures were taken during a recent visit to see this family. Ella had just woken up and was not quite fully awake at this time. But....what I love about this soon as woke up.....pj's came off and the princess wear was put on. I think if they made dress up princess attire for grown ups...I would follow the example set by Ella....I would take of my regular boring clothes...and wear my princess gowns 24/7. There is something about this thought and these pictures that make me miss my childhood (and Ella) so much! If it only now ...all it took to make the world bright again was a pink , tulle, satin, and sequined dress.

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Patty Jolley said...

Now Missy Boo-You know you are a princess!!(At least to me and Daddy!)
I love your blog site and I love you.