Friday, June 1, 2007


Oh How I love Kindergarteners......

For the past two weeks I have had the oppurtunity to sub at the same kindergarten...what a fun time! Here are some of the funny things I hear in just a matter of days... (I am changing their names)

Okay so I am teaching and telling the class a little about myself before beginning....and so Maggie raised her hand. "Yes, have a question?" ....and then Maggie replied, "Ummm, are you a cowgirl because you sound like a cowgirl." I laughed...told them that I was not a cowgirl...explained why I spoke differently than they did....but I did tell them that my daddy was a real cowboy, and he was a favorite among the class. They asked if he could visit their class.

Later that day during dismissal....I ask this same little girl, "Maggie, is your grown up here to pick you up, do you see her?" Then as I am looking for her I hear what sounded like, "The H*** No!" Shocked and thinking I must have misheard this little 6 year old girl I said..."what did you just say?" And...a little clearer she says, "The H*** No!" She must have seen the stunned look on my face so she thought she'd help me out and break the silence...."I love that word...I love to say that!" I get on her level and precede to tell her that we cannot say those words at school. She did not really care and told me she used them at home...but I explained why we dont use those kinds of words, etc.....FUNNY.

A dialogue between me and a little boy...we will call him Nate:
Nate: Mrs. Webb, I really like how beautiful you are.
Mrs Webb: Oh, Nate...thank you. That was so kind...and you are very handsome.
Nate: I can meet you at the train station if you wanna go somewhere with me.
Mrs. Webb: What???
Nate: I know where the train station is and we could meet there.
Mrs. Webb: Oh, Nick....don't be silly....I am married! Now...go to recess!

(Ryan says I should never have kept that conversation going with him....he's probably right.)

Another random student says to me...."Can we call you Mrs. Western because thats what you make me think of?" My reply......"No, silly....My name is not Mrs. Western."


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S Ross said...

Too cute, isn't it amazing what kids come up with!!