Thursday, May 31, 2007

California Dreaming.....

So, I have these moments all of the time when I am just like..."I live here...I really live here!!!" It happens each time I walk out of our apartment and see the happens when I am at the beach and can walk back home just to use the restroom. It happens when I am in my car and get to the top of this hill where I see the panoramic of the ocean and mountains. These are some of the other times I have "California moments:"

-When I see all of the surfers at the beach

-When we drive to church and enter Beverly Hills City Limits

-When I pass production trailers and movies being filmed

....And my latest California moment occurred when I found out that next door to the classroom that I have been subbing in for two weeks is a real TV star. So, she is only in third grade...and I had never seen her or the show before...but still! It's the little girl from the show Medium. She has been on Jay Leno and all kinds of shows because of her role in this show...and I saw her!!! does not take much for me to be utterly amazed here.

But really, what a blessing it is to be here in Los Angeles. I cannot begin to tell you the growth and depth that has occurred in my walk with the Lord since being here. Being a part of our church Mosaic has been so incredible.I feel as though I have lived my life in a bubble....and my eyes have been opened to so much since being here. Of Course, I miss our friends in Texas and our family/friends in Mississippi....but God is doing such great things for us here! Everyday I feel like I am saying, "Who am I Lord, that you would choose to bless me so richly....?" And it truly is beyond anything I could ever ask or imagine. I know our time here is with the time I left...I am going to keep on dreaming!

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