Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yesterday evening, Ryan got a call from his boss saying they had an extra ticket to go see Wicked last night....if we wanted it. I Have been wanting to see this Broadway Musical for a year now! And finally, a little frazzled but excited...I got ready in 5 minutes flying out the door and speeding to their house half an hour away to make it in time. I nearly hit a pedestrian, but made record time on getting to their house in Venice. Then we went to Hollywood where Wicked was being performed in the amazing Pantagous theatre. It was really neat. The entire performace was amazing! I highly recommend it! Of Course, I now want to be a broadway performer. I think I will be trying out for the part of Glenda all day in front of my mirror. If only I could sing....this could be my career. Anyway, I was super excited and wanted to share that excitment with you.

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