Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Break '08

Well, I have not written since becoming a third grade teacher. Three years ago I would have never wanted to be in a third grade classroom....but the truth is I love it. I love the smaller ones better. I think I am definetly better at teaching younger students, but I really enjoy this group of kids. Of Course the first week, I received several notes and comments telling me I was not going to replace their other teacher.....but now they seem to have accepted that she is not coming back and I'm staying. So, we've adjusted and gotten in the groove of things quite well.

And now it is Spring Break! Thanks to ExxonMobil and their need for Ryan this week, our Spring Break plans have been cancelled. We were going to go to Catalina Island and then drive up the Pacific Coast Highway and head to northen California....but since we found out 2 days ago that this would not be possible, I have composed a Spring Break todo list. It look just like this...

To Do:
Clean out closets (This is going to be thrilling)
Bathe Chloe
Take Chloe to the Dog Park (I might should do the park before the bath)
Scrub the bathrooms
Write letters to friends
Apply for passport
Grade some papers
Blog some of my most recent thoughts and conversations I have had with myself..haha
Shop a little (I have to do something fun!)

The one thing I have to look foward to...Beth Moore Conference in San Diego on Friday and Saturday. you can tell, this is not the most exciting Spring Break ever, but I am kinda excited to just chill and get things done around the apartment. I will let you know how it goes! Hopefully I will blog some interesting thoughts soon!

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Suzanne Ross said...

Bummer about the trip being cancelled :( I'm excited for you to be teaching 3rd grade, congratulations!!