Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The truth is ever since living here I have been on the lookout for stars....and I am sure I have seen them, but I never can recognize them. Well, several Friday's ago, my sweet friend Jessica, Ryan, and I went to our local Hermosa Beach Farmer's Market. We were sitting down watching the people and Jess and I were enjoying very good turkey dogs (Yeah I know ...turkey dog...I guess that makes me a little bit less of a Mississippi girl). Anyway, I had noticed this one man and his wife/girlfriend earlier because they were both beautiful people...but I just thought that they were beautiful. Then, J says, "Okay, do you want to see a movie star?" Ofcourse, my heart starts pounding a little, and I am super pumped because not only am I about to see a movie star, but they are in my home town of Hermosa Beach...on my turf. So, she points out the beautiful man that I had seen. "Who is he???" I asked. She informed me that he was in 40 year old virgin and some other films..all of which I had not seen...maybe why I did not recognize him. But, I could not take my eyes off of the movie star. I mean I wanted to see what he bought, how he interacted with his lady companion. I was super excited, but tried to play it off cool and just eat my turkey dog. I really wanted to run up to him and get his autograph (MY MOM WOULD HAVE)....but I noticed no one else was bothering this one seemed to be as excited as I was that he was in our presence. I did think Jess was waving at him once....She began to flap her hand and I looked at her and said, "Are you waving at him?"....To which she replied with laughter and informed me she was shooing away a bug. So...anyway, we came home, looked him up on the computer and instantly confirmed it was him....I can't recall his name right now....but I saw a movie star.

Other than this one confirmed sighting other celebreties I have seen are:
  • Well, I for sure saw Ellen Degeneres at her show.
  • I for sure saw Larry King on her show.
  • I am almost absolutely positive I saw Collin Ferril driving down Santa Monica Blvd.
  • I really thought I saw Jessica Simpson at the Manhattan Beach target...but the more I think about it...the less sense it makes that it would have been her.
  • There was some MTV star at church that someone pointed out to me.
  • Oh...and I have a friend...who comes over weekly for our Beth Moore Bible Study....and she actually has a show coming out...a reality show on the CW, FARMER WANTS A WIFE. She is on this show. Her name is Brooke she is my own personal friend/celebrity..haha.
  • I also thought that I saw Usher in a land rover in hermosa....Ryan looked at the guy and replied, "Stacey, have you ever even seen Usher?" Apparently he did not see the uncanny resemblance...haha.

So, I will keep looking and I will report on any more star sightings....

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