Sunday, April 13, 2008

Living Proof Live San Diego

Cathy, Lorraine, Yvette, and Me

So, this weekend I picked up three of my most precious sisters and friends and we had a hilarious drive to San Diego, Ca. We met some other girls from Mosaic down there....and took part in Beth Moore's Living Proog Live Conferece. It was amazing....even now as I am typing the tears are welling up in my eyes. God had told Beth to teach on Psalm 139. I have grown to love this chapter like never before. We talked about these main points that Psalm 139 shows us.

1. O LORD, ...I am known.

2. O LORD, ...I need to be known.

3. O LORD, ... I'm scared to be known.

4. O LORD, ... I've always been known.

5.O LORD,... I can know because I am known.

6. O LORD, ... My enemies are known.

7. O LORD, ... My anxieties are known.

8. O, LORD,...Search me and know.

It was so amazing. God is really working in my heart and life. I am just in awe and amazed...and I am still processing all that God is still teaching me thru this weekend. I came home and just had to pray and cry for like 2 hours after getting home Saturday evening. After I have processed it all....I will share more. But until then, I will share some fun photos because not only was it life changing....but these girls and I had soooo much fun!!!

This Miss June "Junie B" and me

Me, Yvette, and Lorraine (cathy behind the camera)

Yvetters and Me

...................more to come later...Ryan needs the computer....ugh!


Anonymous said...

Hello Stacy, Wasn't the conference great. I still have a heart full and tear up thinking of it.

I would so much love to have your little video if you wouldn't mind sharing. My 77 yr old mother who is in all the Bible studies I facilitate would so much love to see this. If so here is my e-mail.

valerie said...

I saw your comment over at the LPM blog. I'm so glad you got to go to the conference and thanks for adding the video clip. It made me tear up too! It's so amazing to be there with all those thousands of women. I attended my first LPM conference back in '02 and have made an excuse to go to one every year since. Sounds like Beth had a great topic too. I love Ps. 139.
I also love California. My mom & I have been a few times for vacation. My mom & my kids went one summer. We went to the Tonight Show. I am like you....always on the lookout for movie stars. She had been with my sisters before and they would see famous people everywhere. One day we drove around all over looking and had no luck. :)
You'll have to look at my older posts and see a picture of the most famous person (with me) I ever actually met and talked to. (Garth Brooks!!!)
It's nice to meet you and I'll be checking in again.
Have a blessed week,