Monday, January 14, 2008

Pictures from our trip home....just a few

This is precious Anna Jaymes...AKA Nana Aymes...AKA Namesie. Christmas was my first time to meet my new niece and she is absolutely precious! Matt and Crystal made a beautiful little girl!

This is Maeson, Wes, and Anna Jaymes on Christmas Day! Aren't they just the cutest little things! Crystal ran and got Anna Jaymes' bow so you would know which one was the girl..haha. Maeson is 2 Wes is almost 6 months and Anna Jaymes is almost 3 months.

Maeson..Christmas Morning playing with his front end loader.


And on Ryan's side. This is Micheal and Dana's little girl, Riley! She loves her Grandmama's necklaces!

Here's Wyatt and Uncle Ryan! This is Chad and Kelly's oldest. He looks just like his Daddy!

This is Raney! She is a spitting image of Kelly!

Okay, we are back to my side. This is my Aunt Sandra with Julian! Julian is my cousin Leslie's precious little boy. He is truly one of the cutest babies ever....and has been since the day he was born.

I will post more soon.....less pictures of neices and nephews...and I have so much to tell you about what has been happening since the last post. But, I have to force myself to go run now!!!!

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