Saturday, January 19, 2008


So, Friday night I went to see the movie 27 dresses. I Loved It! There is something about romantic movies....they act almost as a drug for me. Well, I have never tried drugs, haha, but, I could imagine that the high I get from romance would be very similar to that of a drug. I have tried the dentist gas (which I love) and it falls in the same category as romance movies for me. You see, as I watched the movie..I felt the giddy feelings the movie characters were feeling. My heart was so excited, my emotions were overflowing, my cheeks hurt from smiling, and I laughed and giggled in a way that only romance makes me. When I left the movie, I felt so good...that part of me that starves for romance in my life had been fulfilled for about 2 hours and I did not want it to end. So, as I got in my vehicle to drive home, I searched the radio for love songs....and boy did I hit the jackpot. I was scanning thru stations when I heard the DJ say, "Special Love Songs for Special People." I even sent up a brief thank you to our Lord for providing me the opportunity to stay in my dream land a little longer. I listened to all of these songs, and blared them as I, still giddy with romance, sang, smiled, and even laughed(I am so glad I was alone and it was dark so others could not see in). I was coming up to our apartments but I knew when I turned the car off....these moments of romance and bliss would I chose not to go home..for real. I decided to indulge myself a little longer. So, I turned my music up again and rode around our little town until I decided that since it was nearing 11:15 I should go home. So, I did....and still feeling so excited about love I walked in the apartment and could not wait to tell Ryan about my wonderful night! So, picture this: I...still all giddy, happy, and well pretty stupid, open the door....not just open, but swing it open and glide a Mary Poppins kind of way... and Ryan is laying on the couch watching a total boy movie. Then I say, "Oh Ry-" And then I get cut off with "Shhhhh." He did not understand how important it was that I tell him about my night and my new favorite movie, so I try again, "I've got to tell---" And once again I hear, "Shhhh...I'm trying to watch a movie." Oh, I was appalled...I mean I just watched a woman being cherished by this guy, I watched him woo her, love her, and win her over. Then I listened to love song after love song...Didn't Ryan know that I was ready to be absolutely adored and loved, and well won over(again)? I thought to myself...."I definitely should have rode around a little bit longer!"

I know not every girl is a hopeless romantic....but I am to the point that I don't think it's a good thing. I get so mad sometimes....I mean why can't the things in the movies happen in my daily life. How come I have been married for almost 4 years.....and it seems that the wooing and sweet gestures stopped moments after our wedding day. I think this is why I wanted to always be an actress...because they get to have these happy stories over and over...haha. The truth is I KNOW that movies set us up to have unreal expectations...I know that the reason these movies are so good is that they are made up...and the happy people that fall in love...they are just pretending. But there is still a part me that longs for that. I mean who doesn't. So....there are few options that are going through my mind. 1... I can stop watching these romantic movies all together (not a fun idea). 2....I can watch and enjoy my moments of bliss but accept that when the movie ends so will the bliss. Or, number 3....I can just pursue my acting career!! I am going to think on these things!
In the mean time I am going next week to see 27 dress again...with another friend!!!

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