Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's been a while.....

It is time for me to begin updating. I can't promise regular updates but I am going to try to be better. So much has happened in my life in the past few months that I can't tell you about it let me do it in the form of highlights.

So, we left California....and it was emotional for me. I sat on the airplane next to a guy around my age and began crying before ever taking off from Los Angeles. The poor guy felt awkward I know as he sat and listened to me cry. I dreaded take off, I did not want to have to watch the city of angels, the city that I had come to love so much, fade away from my sight and life. God, being the sweet and compassionate God that He is threw a blanket of clouds over the city early that morning....and I never saw once glimpse of anything but glorious clouds. After that emotional flight....things sped up in our lives. We looked for and found a house within 4 days. We fell head over heels in love with our realtor, "Miss Reba." We spent 30 days living in 2 hotels, both of our parents houses in Mississippi, and a cabin on Enid Lake. By the time our house closed we had both began work in Baton Rouge and were feeling very unsettled and ready to have a home. We moved in our house....and we love it. We have lots of things on the to do list ...and it just keeps getting longer. To be honest, when we moved I began to really pray for Ryan. I was worried that the adjustment might be hard for him, because he loved his job in Torrance so much. I thought that me, being as easy going as I am :) would have no problem adjusting to a new life. But, I was wrong. Ryan is doing great. I on the other hand have had a few break downs where I just cry. I miss California and almost every aspect of our lives there (with the exception of our last living situation). So, pray for me....please. This has been one of the hardest transitions yet.

I started work at my new school August 3rd. I really miss my old school. Everything is very different. One thing that is different is that I am now teaching kindergarten. I really enjoy my class. Here is one of the highlights of our move: I actually have 4 NON-ENGLISH speakers in my classroom. Zip, Zilch, Zero, Nada English. Although this isn't rare for Los Angeles, it is VERY rare for Central, Louisiana. I love them so much. These 4 children are the highlight of my days for multiple reasons. One is that they symbolize so much for me. You see, when we found at that we were coming to Baton Rouge and not going overseas I pitched a fit with God. I wanted to be in China working in an orphanage, and I did not want to go back to the south, where it's the opposite of diverse. The diversity in L.A. was one of my favorite things about the city. So....God sent me to Baton Rouge and brought the Chinese orphans and diversity to me. He's reminding me that He has a plan. So two of my children came form China less than a month or so ago. Two recently came from Mexico. One of the Chinese students is a little girl. Her parents sent her and her little sister to America with another Chinese family who opened up a resturant in our city. I see this little girl, as my orphaned China Baby....and I am madly in love with her and these 4 other children who are new to our country. Now, I also like my other 16 students..haha...but some of them are so bad that I want to cry. So, this is another reason these 4 EL's are blessing to my life.

Oh, and one of my kiddos has the Swine Flu.....yikes! So, in are some pics of our house.