Friday, February 13, 2009

First Grade Funnies

This week I had one of the funniest interactions with my students. I just had to share...

Let me set up the background of this conversation. I was asking the kids to tell me everything that they know about Abraham Lincoln, and I was writing them all down on my jumbo chart paper. I was getting responses like, "He was a president." "He was tall." "He was shot."...and then this happened....

Me.. "Who can tell me smoething else about Abraham Lincoln?”
Bronson.. "He Knew God.”
Me.. "Wow...Yes, he did know God..that’s very good Bronson.”
Justin to Bronson..”Everybody knows God.”
Bronson to Justin and the whole class..”No..Not everyobody knows God. And if you don’t know God you go to Hell.”
Justin to Bronson.."Now, why did you have to say that?”
…..meanwhile I am just letting the conversation play out….because hey, let the kid plant some seeds and the teacher I sure can't say that.
Bronson says.."No this is true. I read it in the Bible. And I know that Abraham Lincoln had a wife named Sarah and they could not have a child and so God presented them with a child"
...I personally didn't know a ton about Abe as Bronson was saying this I was this as true, but the more he talked I knew he was probably telling the story of another Abraham...
So, I ask " Bronson, do you remeber his son's name?"
Bronson: "No....I forgot....wait no, I remeber, It was Issac...they named him Issac."
It was at this point that I am sure we are talking about 2 different Abrahams. So I jump in the conversation explain
: "Oh Bronson...You are right. There was a man named Abraham who knew God and he married Sarah, and God presented them with a son named Issac. But, that man never became our president. He was a different Abraham. But You know what, I think they both knew God!

It was as Bronson's faith had been shaken. He couldn't bend his little mind around how that Abraham was not Abraham Lincoln...and all this time he had it all figured out.

They crack me up...whether or not I like teaching them right now...I certianly like conversing with them.

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Carly Collins said...

that is a super cute story :)