Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From the mouth of 1st graders to thepages of my blog...

My students are currently making a Recipe for a perfect Mom. We were brainstorming ideas and I said "Patience." Of course the response is..."What is patience?" I explained what it is and then my extra grace required child says, "My mom doesn't need patience cause we don't be bad to her." I laughed hysterically because coming from this child's mouth it was comical ....she requires more patience than I have some days. However this led to the comment of another student saying, " My mom is not patient. Not when I am trying to use the bathroom." ....and then another student says, "My mom takes a whole hour just to use the bathroom." The conversation then turned to gas and one little girl says, " Mrs. Webb, Why don't teachers fart in the classroom?" All of this happened within 3 minutes and I realized how quickly 22 first graders can get off task and run with it. I laughed hysterically for about 30 seconds and then threatened the next one that said "Fart" with a trip to the office!!!

I don't know how we ever get anything done!


Greg and Kelli Rye said...

This is so funny!!!! I love it!

Who are we? said...

I know the answer...probably teacher fart in the office room :P LOL..just kidding

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