Friday, May 2, 2008

Use Your Head!

It is still amazing to me how two people so totally different can live in harmony (most days). A week or so ago my friend Jessica and I hopped in the vehicle and ran some errands. I knew we needed to get gas quickly or else we'd be walking. So, I thought about the nearest Exxon station(have to support them since they support us) in the direction that we were heading. As we pulled in I looked at the price per gallon and said, "$3.99 for!" I just pulled right on up to the fuel tank and began pumping. As I pumped I chuckled to myself as I replayed a radio dj's comments in my mind. He reported that some parts of the nation were about to experience gas prices over $4.00. He then added that anytime we hear "some parts of the nation"...that usually meant us in California." I thought man....he was right! So, I stood outside of the vehicle waiting on it to finish filling up while chatting with Jess. I then heard the click of the handle signaling the fueling had ceased. I returned the giant emission free nozzle into the holder, hopped in the vehicle and went about our day. Later that evening Jess, Ryan, and I were at our apartment when Ryan asked if I filled the jeep up with gas....actually this may be better in dialogue form so here is how the conversation went:
Ryan: Did you fill up the jeep today?
Me: Yep, and gas is $3.99!!
Ryan: (sounding alarmed and shocked and stopping everything to look at me) YOU PAYED $3.99 PER GALLON!
Me: Yep...that's how much it costs now in our part of the nation.
Ryan: Where did you go that is cost that much...because I just saw it for $3.78!
Me: I went to Exxon...the one right beside your work. But, the radio man said that it was going to cost that much here.
Ryan: Stacey, that is the most expensive gas station around! How much did it cost total?
Me: I don't know.
Ryan: (getting upset..but trying not to get too upset because Jessica is here) YOU DON'T KNOW! YOU DID NOT LOOK?
Me: Nope, Sorry...I never look. We had to fill it up regardless of what it was going to cost.
Ryan: (shaking his head...he looks at me and mouths the words...."USE YOUR HEAD!")
Me: A few moments later....just die out laughing at the thought of how different we are!

I would say that the biggest difference between Ryan and I is the way that we think. I think pretty much all with my heart! Ryan....all with his head. I mean, thank heavens we have one another or we'd be in a bigger a mess but I must admit there are some moments that I am in absolute awe that our personalities are so different. OH...AND I'VE BEEN NOTICING GAS PRICES ALOT...AND HE WAS RIGHT NO WHERE ELSE IS IT THAT EXPENSIVE!

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