Monday, May 26, 2008


Ryan and I have had several big things happen within the first four years of marriage:

1. As soon as we got married I moved to Houston, Texas....and had to deal with being a homesick little girl at the same time as learning to be a wife...which meant getting over the fact being a bride and a wife were two totally different roles!!!

2. I finished my degree while being married...which led to many bitter feelings on my part because I did not want to feed my husband when I had homework to do!

3. Right before our 2 year anniversary, Ryan moved to Fairfax, VA with Exxon...while I stayed in Houston and finished my internship. So, we were married but states apart for 9 months.

4. We moved to Los Angeles where we knew no one....and built our life here.
Those were all pretty big moves for us....but each one has had amazing benefits for our marriage.

Things I have learned about my husband within these four years:
1. He has a huge giving spirit.
2. He should be on medication for OCD. (Don't worry, he does not read this!)
3. He is not quite as open to sharing details of our lives as I am...haha.
4. He has a food obsession...and it annoys him that I don't find pleasure in any other food than chocolate.
5. He is really funny (this I already knew), but if he starts cracking himself up.....he starts making jokes of everything....and the funny level varies at this point (to all but him).
6. He is one of the most honest men I have ever known.
7. His intelligence is so much bigger than I could ever think.
8. He LOVES grocery shopping....I hate it ....but he insists we do it together! I sometimes pitch a fit when I don't want to go.
.....and so much more.

Things I have learned about myself because of Ryan:
1. I am a tad bit irresponsible (Okay...a lot).
2. My forgetfulness/not being responsible annoys others.
3. I am a quitter. I really don't care to win or lose...but I give up very easily.
4. I have bad grammar.
5. I am messier than I think I am.

Things that I love about Ryan:
1. He is funny.
2. He takes such good care of me.
3. He is so responsible.
4. He loves the Lord.
5. I love to hear or see him laugh.

Things that annoy me about my dear sweet husband:
1. I hate our EXCEL spreadsheet budget...and his dedication to putting every dollar spent into the budget.
2. I am annoyed by his bodily functions at inappropriate times!
3. I am annoyed by him when he thinks he is funny.
4. I am annoyed by him when he won't take Chloe out.
5. I am annoyed by him when I am the one doing all the chores and he is watching tv, etc.
6. I am annoyed by his OCD.


Things I wish someone would have told or taught me before I got married:

1. I wish someone would have told me that there would be days when I would think that I must have misunderstood God when I thought He told me to marry this man. I wish someone would have told me that it's normal to have those "I'm stuck in this! What have I gotten myself into?" moments.
2. I wish someone would have told me and taught me how to fold fitted sheets (momma, i know you tried, so I guess I should say, I wish I had learned).
3. I wish someone would have shared with me a secret of how to get husbands to clean!
4. I wish someone would have told me and taught me how to hide money from my husband....haha..I know this is absolutely dishonest, but I mean really if he did not know that I had $3.85 to spend on starbucks, I would not have to put that $3.85 in the stupid budget.
5. I wish I had learned to brainwash or hypnotize people....or put him to sleep (for just a little while..haha).
6. I wish someone would have told me that just because I can't stand him for a couple days does not mean that I am a horrible person or married to the wrong person. It means I am an imperfect human trying to love another imperfect person.....and it doesn't always work out so well.
7. I wish someone would have told me how to turn off and deal with my bitterness when I think I've been wronged.
8. I wish I would have learned how to make stinking pancakes. I can never make them turn out pretty!!!!!


p.p.s ....NO JOKE...Ryan just asked me if I had updated the budget, and says I need to do that before tonight! Man, that is annoying!!!


Drew and Erika Hettinger said...

Haven't you learned any positive things about yourself in the last 4 years? I think you should force yourself to think of some. I think I decided that my new role as your friend is to try to work on your negative self talk! You are an amazing woman and sometimes I don't think you recognize that! So, that's my goal! :-)

Pancakes...spray the pan with cooking spray, pour the mix into a smaller pancake than you think it should be, then wait until little holes appear all over the pancake, then flip, then wait just a little bit more and it should be perfect. :-)


Suzanne Ross said...

Happy Anniversary! I too HATE our excel spreadsheet and have been boycotting it, shh, don't tell Brad. He's been so busy at work I don't think he has noticed...

Becky said...

You are hilarious and insightful at the same time stace! I love the southern talk too- pitch a fit, ha! I was about to bust a gusset just reading that.