Sunday, May 4, 2008

City of Angels

Last week I had a conversation with my Papaw and he asked, "Wormy (my nickname from him because I use to be soo tiny), you really like it out there don't you?" I replied with, "Yes Sir, I really do love it!" Then today at church, our site pastor, Goodie, spoke about our city and our purpose here etc. He mentioned that the majority of people not in LA have no idea why anyone could love it so much. So, I decided to write about my top 10 reasons that I love my city. Now, I realize I live in Hermosa Beach...but still Los Angeles County...and still considered the LA area.
So, here I are some reasons why I absolutely love this place!

1. The Diversity. I absolutely love the diversity of all the people here. From the kids in my classroom, to the people I see walking and driving down the street. It reminds me of "Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World"....I see red and yellow, black and white....and they truly are all precious in His sight!

2. The passion of the people. The majority of people I have met here are not originally from here. They have moved out here to pursue some type of passion. Which makes the people of LA usually very passionate. They may be pursuing a career, freedom, a new identity...whatever...but they bring their passion to this city...and boy is it fun to see passionate people.

3. Exercise is a way of life here. If I have to go somewhere that is 1/2 mile to a mile away...I usually choose to walk there. This is a place where people are always out walking, skate boarding, biking, least in the Beach City that we live in. There is constant peer pressure to be outside and be exercising....I just love walking to the bank, to the grocery store, to the drug store, and out to eat. With a place so beautiful...why would you sit in a car when you can be outside.

4. I love the beach!!!!! I love surfers, skateboarders, beach chairs, beach towels, the life guard stations, the life guard trucks. I love the strand (concrete walkway by the beach where everyone bikes, runs, walks, skates....). I love the pier. I love Volleyball, and more than playing it, I love watching volleyball. I love the laid back atmosphere and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore line. I love boogie boarding (when the water gets semi warm). I just love everything about hanging out at the beach with friends or alone!

5. I love the view on clear LA days. SO....we have a good bit of smog...and fog...but when it rolls out, or right after a rain, the view of this city is phenomenal. You see mountains near and far, you see the HOLLYWOOD sign from the Pacific Coast Highway by our Target. You see Catalina Island. You see beautiful sights that take your breath away.

6. I love the view of the mountains...especially when they are snowcapped. I mean...where else can you look to your left and see the Pacific Ocean lined with palm trees and look to your right and see monstrous snow capped mountains!!!

7. I love the weather. A handful of hot days, a handful of cool days....very few rainy days....and you get the most perfect weather! It is just amazing. I will confess that I have turned into a wimp because I've been so spoiled by Southern California weather. When it hits 90 I think I am dying of heat exaustion and below 70 I shiver in to my car and turn on my seat warmers!!!

8. I love being so close to the entertainment industry. I's awful...the things we watch and listen to these days. There aren't too many wholesome shows available, however I am star struck and in awe at least once a week when I meet someone who is just in the industry. I love seeing television and movie scenes and recognizing right where some scenes were filmed. I love that although I can't recognize a celebrity for the life of me, they are all around me.

9. I love the freeway! Yes, that's what I said...I actually love the freeway. Let me explain. 4 years ago I was a little uncomfortable driving in Jackson Mississippi and I would not leave my apartment in Houston Texas for fear of highways and freeways. God...has so graciously answered my prayers and not only made me comfortable driving on giant freeways but I actually find it fun! Now....I don't love the traffic on our freeways (although I do like looking at the cars around me)...but I love zooming down the freeway and thinking..."I am driving in Los Angeles California...and I'm actually OK...and having FUN!"

10. MOSAIC. I did not put these in any order...and if I had Mosaic would have gotten in slot number one or two. I love our church! I have never experienced anything like it in my life. I love the mission of our church, the heart of our pastor, the heart of all of the leaders and people involved. It has changed my life.

Sure, there are things I miss about Mississippi and even Houston, and of course there are some things about LA that I am not a super huge fan of....but overall I absolutely love this place. I am so thankful for the oppurtunity to live here. God has opened my eyes and taught me so much. I only hope to leave a mark in this it has forever left a mark on my life.


Dwayne said...

I liked this post. Christin and I feel many of the same things. I would add the diversity of people brings a diversity of places to EAT, which might be my favorite thing! :) Great List

Christin said...

Here! Here! I whole-heartedly agree. I can't tell you how many people have asked us why we stay in LA. People is my number one reason, especially the amazing people we've met at Mosaic.