Monday, March 17, 2008

Missing MeiLing....

(taken from the great wall china adoption website)

It will be 6 more years before we can even send off a completed dossier (adoption paperwork) to China. I am overwhelmed with such emotions just thinking about MeiLing. I can't wait to see her little almond eyes, olive skin, and straight black hair in contrast to her cousins whom have blond hair, curly hair, etc. I know MeiLing won't even be born for several years. But I pray often for her birth mother....who at this very moment will need to develop the courage not to abort her(if she finds out that she's a girl) or the courage to take her to a safe haven when she is filled with pain and disappointment after birth when she finds out that she did not have a boy...and will be filled with grief as she gives up the baby she's carried for nine months. She will have to be courageous!

Lately I have been flooded with thoughts of how neat it will be that God will hand choose a daughter for us. I know the thought of God creating a baby in the womb out of a husband and wife's genes must be similar. But for me....the thought that when we get her, God will have chosen her from all the be our baby......WOW....tears just flow and flow and flow. I just went on the adoption website...and as I looked at pictures of "Gotcha Day" and saw these parents being handed their babies, I sobbed! It is just such a reflection of God's grace and mercy...and how he has adopted us into his family!

Anyway, by the time Ryan and I get Meiling I will have wanted her for 10 years! She will be well worth the wait and when we get her....I have to find an outfit like this little one is wearing in the photo above!

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