Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Healthy Lifestyle a.k.a. Diet Begins

Why can't I eat 8 chocolate chip cookies every day? Why was it that I bought mini rice cakes rather then potato chips at Target today...and why can't I eat pizza every other night? And why in the heck does exercise have to be such a pain? WHY??? Because my jeans are tighter than ever before...because it is already swim suit season in California...and because in a month I have my annual doctor's appointment which is also the one time a year I step on scales....and I am determined to lose any weight that I have gained since this time last year (siighhh).

Now the hard part of this is...I want to do this so that I feel better about myself and my body. But the last thing I want to do is become obsessed with it. Living in an appearance obsessed culture makes this difficult. Also, having had an eating disorder in the past also makes this tricky. So....that's why I decided to post about it....tell the world. This way I can somehow...kinda...hold myself accountable.

But, is such a pain that we have to make a concious effort to watch what we eat. I hope when we get to Heaven our spirtitual bodies will thrive off of things like cookie dough, cookies, brownies, doritios, flaming hot cheetos, peanut m&m's gumballs, those sugar cookies with the bright icing from walmart/sams/costco,etc., chips and salsa, milk shakes, beef jerkey, and my beloved diet dr. pepper...would'nt that just be wonderful!!!???

So, until then .... pray that my appearance will never be more important to me than my character and spiritual health.....and pray that I can have self control as I really desire to stick to this healthy lifestyle.

Oh...and just because I haven't done this in a while....a loaded question card for the day:

If you were in line at the deli, what would you order?
This is easy...turkey sandwhich on wheat bread. Mustard no mayo. Please add lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and every kind of pepper available! YUMMM!

What would you title your autobiography?
Utter Randomness

What color looks terrible on you?

Where is the best place to take a family vacation?
Branson, Missouri


1 comment:

lorraine said...

let's exercise together, that'll make it fun! i would order an italian sub (with capicola) at the deli, that would be my all-time fav. i also think flourescent yellow of pink would look awful on me. autiobio title: this side of insanity (i'll think of a better one later).