Monday, June 27, 2011

Noah James

I thought I'd take some time to fill you in on all of the fun things Noah James is doing now as well as just some FYI on his sweet self. So, let's see:

  • Noah is just days of way from being six months old! I cannot believe it! That also means we are days away from another set of shots...and this breaks my heart.

  • He rolls everywhere and get wherever he wants by rolling or scooting. He can get in the crawling position but can't go anywhere so he just falls over to one side. He'll be crawling soon, though.

  • He can sit up now, but not for very long before he falls over. He loves sitting in his bumbo seat though.

  • His favorite toy is a water bottle, preferably cold. Actually, he wants anything cold, like a cold glass, can of diet coke, etc. I am pretty sure he is teething.

  • He will start solids soon and I think he will love his daddy.

  • We have a baby swimming pool that he and I sit in daily. He likes water and the grass. He prefers to lay on his tummy in the pool with his chest on the inflatable outer ring while running his hands through the grass. :)

  • He completed his first week of Vacation Bible School last week. He was such a trooper!

  • He laughs and grins and giggles and talks. It's the cutest little thing I've ever seen or heard.

  • I'll update more later. Here are some recent pictures.

This is Noah at the New Orleans aquarium.

His baby dedication. We were all praying...Noah was checking out the crowd. But later during the prayer he turned to our pastor and grabbed his hands. :)

NJ and my Daddy. Nj..obviously distracted.

Noah got into this sweet position himself to snuggle with his Daddy!

Drying off in Mommy and Daddy's covers afer a "swim." It wore him out.

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